Thursday, May 14, 2009

Black n Dark Red Hawtness

Tight Black Bra & DARK Red Button DOWN Blouse... va va va voom!!I even said it to myself when I looked in the mirror while dressing lol... yes I'M SO VAIN.. And EVERYTHING is Always About phone is on
Had a nice day, was beautiful outside. Finished some Gardening.Enjoyed the sun & did some shopping for a partying I'm attending early saturday.Speaking of parties I saw thats Rocknrolla's party is gonna be HUGE BASH, pig roast, strippers, mud wrestling and etc.. I was reading thats so many are going that he's had to find a bigger venue lol...ROLLA-POLOUSA 2009im going of course hes so sexy!!
Getting My Hair done tomorrow... Hot Gothic is my mood.. something dark and classic..I will be on cam & phone all day tomorrow.
People need to check with me before setting concert dates lol.. so they dont happen on days I have plans already.. this keeps happening and sucks alot!!
Im in the mood to go nuts on my wishlist. There are a couple really cute tops and shoes I want on mine. Im shocked noones bought them for Me yet. they love to see my cam , pictures, or videos so you have to keep me in supply of means to go on my incrediable shopping sprees.NEW THINGS = NEW THINGS FOR YOU TO DROOL OVER.'M liking the comments lately on my blog, I can see someone can read ! lol
This weekend will be rocking.... get your things in order to make it bangin~

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