Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Weekend FUN

Memorial Holiday Weekend is finally here.. time to start summer training. You can Email Me at to ask about My Summer School for wayward sluts. I also travel alot durning the summer. Maybe you will get a chance to Meet with ME. Looking for a couple new worthy slaves to take to a few upcoming parties I'm Attending.

Taking lots of new pictures this weekend and web cam shows... My Phone is on as well.. If you really want my attention you will get to either sending an email requesting a application to begin serving or calling me to chat & amuse Me. I can also do Double Domina Session R/T as well with a Black Mistress. We have a huge Private Play Space with lots of equipment as well..You can also call her for Phone sessions as well.

Hope everyone is going to have a nice BBQ this holiday weekend mmmm ribs & the pool relaxing getting a tan. Hopefully the weather is nice. In other news lol I have been going into alot of chat rooms on paltalk and yahoo and aol lately. This one room I go in Good Lordy has a person in it everyone slaps around & from what I can tell he loves the abuse they give him. It gets pretty intense.. It amazed me tho how he only ignores females and was loving the males bashing him, he wouldnt ignore them no matter what they said about him.. can you say BITCH BOI? I'm going in there now I'm sure they are slapping him around as I type this lol & I'M feeling mighty sadistic and cruel today I want some balls to cbt today, who is volunteering?

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