Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kiss them b4 you Speak 2 Mistress Maddy

Been to busy to post in my blog, thats pretty bad lol... lots of parties this weekend. went to a very nice elite dinner party to talk business on friday.. was yummy. I have been taking new pictures all day. i was playing with a friends phone and uploaded them to my computer. im shopping for a new phone that does everything, any suggestions? right now im torn between like 4 different phone, so im open for opinions. it has to do texting, photos, phone, net and etc. and twitter since its one of my new addictions if you want to peep into what im doing in my everyday life and more just read my twitter

Just like I thought would happen,, Anthongy come crawling back.. they never can stay away for very long, they are weak and can't fight the kink. i loves it lol

My Phone is on, changing out some pictures be sure to go looky
I also added some new stuff for you to buy me on my wishlist. you can look on this blog for the link.. its like a little treasure hunt.. keeps you on your toes.
I see Becca hasnt signed back online. wtf is up with that. guess who is getting fined? lol yep becca.
Chilling in a couple chat rooms tonight listening to the crap that goes on in them.. so many verbal masos in these rooms begging for abuse lol...

Any new video or picture requests? curious to see what you sluts wanna see..

Go make yourself useful im online!!

~Ms Madison~

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