Monday, July 13, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day

Lovely Lovely Lovely day to shop...

Might let a sissy go with me down to chambers in a little bit, some of my order come in... mmmm new leather outfit and sissy lucy's chastity is too.. can't wait to lock it on that slut. I'M going to throw this other bitches key way out in a lake if they dont straighten up and quick. cant break outta steal, whatcha gonna do? blow torch it off? LOLLLLLLLL
Nails and toes got done this morning,, feet are so soft and smooth..
Wearing my hair up in a french twist at the moment was in the pool for about an hour.
sitting here typing to you in my tiny black low backless one piece today. wearing that didnt want the tree trimmer 2 doors down to hurt themselves trying to work and watch me lol chillin in my floating princess pool lounger lol, would have been funny to watch em, but im not into sending people to the emergency room.
Been mentally mind fucking someone really hard for couple days now.. its getting to you isnt it lol, I told you that you would end up needing counseling, my words cut like knives.
Anthongy its time, only 1/2 of something isnt cutting it. get to it slut.
getting ready to turn on my phone, maybe you will get a chance to see me on cam today, doing it off and on for those i deem worthy to see greatness.

~Mistress Madison~

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