Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MMM The Rain

Listening to cemetary gates missing dime.... sniffles.. keep running into people that knew him to back in the day, when we would all hang out after shows and etc... atleast we have our memories, he always put a smile on my face. rip !

Still been super busy with a couple things, made time for some worthy slaves tho.

nice new sub bought me some cute black and pink skull shoes , when they arrive I will be taken some new pictures of them. I have a couple projects im working on with a couple local slaves, i love making them work hard for me. they do it so well to impress me.

if you are local to me email me requesting information on these projects.
also starting another business..nilla one.. its good to have a couple of them :)

The rooms I go into at night have been really wild, full moon? total eclipse affect? not sure but watching some trick do herself with a huge knife and bat on cam is beyond words. im sure today shes at some local hospital getting her kitty repaired.. was NASTY!! just when you think you have seen it all,
BAM you go into a free adult chat room and so trifling skeezer is making you think again LOL.. OMG brain eraser please!! FOR FREE EVEN WTF! FOR 198 EFFIN PEOPLE!

Constantly raining all day in Ohio. which I loved, my flowers & garden needed it badly.
Beckaslut got tipsy and got used on cam as well yesterday lol... that was seriously a interesting way to clean LOL... Gawd you're a gulliable pathetic ho lol.. But thats why I own you. Always makes me laugh. Meeting another sissy for lunch soon.

ohhhhhhhhhh my jeffonya is back!!! Makes Me Happy!!... she and I are meeting for dinner soon.. you might remember her from singing xmas carols to hookers fully sissified and/or singing infront news stations window at dinner hour on xmas eve lol... slut was live on news lol i loved it. i love when they will do absolutely anything i can think of to amuse me lol... best kinda slaves.

tonight i want to watch some sluts on cam.. be creative i see tards wanking all the time. that dont amuse me.. dressing up and being different to stand out is where its at.
Anthongy where are you??? rings the bell... chop chop.

the new subs is wanting to fly with me to fla and serve nessa and i all weekend.
paying for everything of course. hes a huge foot slave local to me. if he can pass his screening then guess whos going to see nessa!!!

im loving my new hair style.... mmm curls.. bouncy bouncy

i found a place locally that makes custom real gold collars.. lexy is coming up this weekend so we can go pick her out a new one. shes had the same one for almost 10 yrs.its pretty and gold but nice to have 2. I saw a new tiara i want its small on a comb just slides in and is real gold.. really cute when i tried it on. its $250.00.. oh and dont act stupid if i get it myself and your upset i didnt let you.. i have no patience when i want something i want it now, if you cant get it someone else will or i will myself. so get to beggin whatcha waiting for?

wait until i let you see my office ive been redoing it. sitting here now looking at paint swatches to paint it now i have it laid out how i want it. had a built in wall desk and etc... not telling until its finished. but believe me people are gonna be JEALOUS! when they see me in it on cam and from pics lol. the only thing i didnt do myself was the desk, hired someone to make it who builds houses here.. he hooked me up!!!!!

ok get to reading the rest of my diary if you havent already, make yourself useful to ME!
Show Me you have what it takes to catch My Attention.

~Ms Madison~

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