Monday, July 27, 2009

Walking All Over YOU

Mistress has been busy shopping around for a large purchase she will be making...
been doing alot of cam late at night around midnight until 6 am . took lots of new pictures as well. I know how much you love them. also making a new videos tonight. been looking for the links for them to be on the side here.

foot slave amused me today, such a good boy. sissy michelle needs to get to serving and a few others, especially anthongysissy. my phone is on as well dont forget to call.
doing some cam tease'n.... & tongue lashing.
im wondering when the little cock sucker who called me is gonna send me pictures of him in his little flames outfit lol and ballet shoes.. hes out on the street in that licking his lips at people passing him by. the flames means flaming fag lol its cute. when he sends me a picture from his phone out doing his assignment ill post it lol for you all to laugh at!
there sure is some local lazy subs here i swear. sluts i was giving you a job & a few of you are seriously pitiful.
get it together. if you whine about this task i wont give you another.

mmmmm my habitual everyday caller just called he was a mess lol i love when they are so weak they will do absolutely anything to get my attention and verbal abuse lol.

my other loyal i swear im slapping as soon i get over to his house in a min.. the little slut is in need of a patience lesson. calling me every 5 mins is gonna get your ass paddled black n blue.. dont say i didnt warn you.
laptop and camage for that lol...

if you would like to contribute you can go buy a money pak for greendot and give me the code to it to upload it to my card, buy it at the cashier at walmarts or cvs or walgreens. for any amount then i just need code to upload it to my greendot card. or
you can go to walmarts customer service counter or any moneygram location with cash and fill out the express payment form which cost $3.95 to send any amount.
moneygram express payment send to info :
recieve code: 2495
city code: new york, new york
company: rush card
account number:4227971135700145

get busy sluts.!!

~Mistress Madison~

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