Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pucker Up

That's what you are doing today,

Whatever I want today from you,
You make it Happen.

Wow , Yesterday was EXTREMELY entertaining for ME, the slaves who served. BRAVO!!

Burning a "M" into a slave's ass , Marking him for life was really HOT! SIZZLING!!

I did cam from 11pm-8 am, gave you sluts and extra 2 hours to view My Webcam. I'M such a generous Mistress when My Losers act Right.

I'M really enjoying my new foot slave, He seems so far very determined to keep my sexy feet in nice new shoes weekly!
Finding them on my wishlist he has just sent Mistress these sexy heels.

They will go great with a couple different outfits I have, especially My New Ice QUEEN dress... I can't wait to Meet with the good slave real time to shop, going to make him put the shoes on me in the shoe stores I drag him too.

My Phone is on TODAY & TONIGHT..

More cam again tonight from 11pm-6am

maybe longer if
I'M ENJOYING MYSELF watching you Be Entertaining.
Have toys and etc with you so You aren't just sitting there like a bump on a Log.

I'm online checking emails
Email only when you are ready to submit & serve and have read my blog!

~Mistress Madison~

More Updates today :) watermarking some new pictures from last night I will be posting them here on my Blog today, so keep checking back bitches!!!!

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