Friday, August 7, 2009


Hello My Little Slaves,

(if this is your 1st time here READ IT ALL)

Did you miss me? Oh I know you have, lots of emails lately & eager ones to serve. Some are more than just talk they do as told and get to serve others go ignored.. you decide if your serious or not..
I Do Not chase after subs/slaves. EVER! It's your place to throw yourself at my feet and beg me to allow you to serve doing no matter what I tell you to do so you can & pleasing me. sometimes i just test you.

Doing Cam tonight @ 11 pm - 6 am dont miss it
Lots of Foot & Body worship. I also enjoy watching your cams if you are worthy!
trying to decide what im wearing tonight on cam...
maybe some fetish outfits tonight.. guess you will know if you watch my cam tonight.
i'll be lowering my cam listings so be watching.

I've been taken about 200 new pictures a night this whole month so far. you slaves have alot to look at and drool over. releasing them here slowly. make you work for them.
Here is a Little Tease.

I have a couple new projects in the works for this weekend. I want a humiliation slut to get a hold of me ... lets see how much you can take b4 you cry ...

Ive Been watching the news as well about the internet terrorist dex.. that lil bastage is gonna get arrested.
the whole smoking gun article come about and he had contacted a friend of mine who made a site called "operation take down dex" he shouldnt have treated her with such disrespect.
us dommes can slap the fuck outta ya if we want. the subbies know this already lol some are still learning..

just ask becka, whos spouse contacted me... rules are: if i get contacted your ass is grass. so be careful to not get caught. i can tell ya some tips. but you sneaky lil fuckers usually have your lies already in place.

ok off to shower and then cam in a bit. you can call me now phones on.
~Ms Maddy~

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