Monday, September 7, 2009

Going to be a WONDERFUL DAY

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Happy Labor DAY

Last day of the pool & cookouts.
Doing a Little shopping too.
Maybe you will be lucky Enough to
get to see what I bought.

Getting somethings for Fall.
I look totally hot in earth tones.
go to the gift certificate section on my blog here.
and send me something showing me you want to
keep your Mistress looking Fabulous!
Ones who do will get special attention.

Trying to decide what color to paint my toes and nails.
Got a pedicure but told her not to polish them.
I enjoy doing my own nail art.
i do a way better job, and have
alot of different nail art polishes,
different color rhinestones, and reg polishes.

Lexy has been the only one to do a good of a job as I do.
I trained her well! Shes been with me for a long time.
She knows it takes time to get trained well, to serve a Mistress properly.
And she has grown into one of my best masterpeices!

When I 1st met her she couldnt even put a barrette
in my hair when I told her to, now shes better at doing hair, painting nails
and toes than most of the professionals I've seen.

shes quite a wonderful upstairs bedroom chamber maid now.

some of you sluts cant even get off cleaning tasks to be able to
serve Me in such a manner as Lexy is.

I'm in the mood to verbally berate a pathetic loser big time
so get to calling me now

email me at
requesting a application to serve

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