Sunday, September 27, 2009

Windy Blows

My Favorite time of the year is here, but I'm totally not excited about the wind storm that is expected here in Ohio from now until Tuesday.

Remembers all the trees falling and power going out not so long ago when Ike blew thru creating a huge mess. Prays I don't lose power.

Go down to the next entry and read ,
whoever gets my phone for me gets
1 week of phone calls
from mistress everyday!

so go to My Wishlist and get it Now!!!

I will be announcing the winner!

I have been working on a couple new projects which I will releasing this week.
Hoping niteflirt is also back up fully and running.

I'm listed on

I'm growing increasingly disappointed in 3 slv/subs.

Get to showing me your worthy of your position with Me or fuck off.
Your tribute is due!

Another is thinking hes entitled to have my every waking minute
and when things don't go his way he pouts and claims its this or that.
Wow how Unslave like!
I was nice enough to even consider you
and now you think your topping from the bottom
and I'm gonna put up with the pouting and unslave like behavior?

Get that together or your OUTTA HERE.

The only person allowed to be selfish and complain is ME!

The needy and smothering shit is annoying and wont be tolerated.
A slave sacrifices to make sure his Mistress is happy, and doesn't whine & pout.

He's happy with anything his Mistress decides to do.

It's about her being happy, comfortable, pleased and entertained.

slaves are selfless and only purpose is to make the mistress happy.

I'm gonna remind you that I have lots of Slaves & Subs begging
for My Attention , Begging to serve ME.

I pick who I will allow to serve Me.


I'm a GODDESS !!

You work Hard to PLEASE Moi!

If you begin asking me "well what do i get for this?", or " are you going to do that?" and thinking your entitled your gonna get dropped so quick your heads gonna spin.

Things don't happen all in one day either.

If you want just a session then pay for one, they are hourly.
Get it and then goodbye until your next one.

AND TRYING TO TAKE UP MY TIME if all your concerned about is getting a session..

IF you think I'm gonna cater to you , find someone else.

It's not just only about serving when in scene.
It's all the time no matter what and how!!!

Every Waking Minute once your under my consideration,
you are serving and working however you can to best keep Me happy.

If I'm Happy you will get rewarded when and how I deem fit.

Never think your entitled!

If I'm not happy, I don't need you!

HELLO - you are just a lowly Slave!! did you forget?

Slaves have No Rights!

They do as told and thankful to be used.

The ones I have collared over the yrs,
are ones who don't whine,
happy with whatever I say no matter what it is.
they know if mistress is wanting to do something
to ASK how slave can make her Experience BETTER!!!

Mistress and her one of her female friends are going to shop at the mall and then do lunch. Slave should be asking if there is anything he can do... Mistress could say, go wash my car and fill it up before I go.

As a slave you are happy she had you wash the car and fill up her gas tank and that you was good for something!!!

Pouting will get you NOWHERE BUT IGNORED.

I'm frankly sick of repeating this..

so make sure you read this entry , I will not repeat myself again.

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