Friday, October 2, 2009

Yah!! It's Friday! - It's Raining Sissies

Good Morning! rise n shine it's time to work hard for your Mistress.

Last night Sally had to trapes all over Ohio in her girly clothes. It was raining so I sent her inside for gum and something for Mistress to drink.
When we arrived the store was empty, she thought she would breeze on thru this task... HA HA then bam the customer flood gates opened and in poured more people. I heard some giggling about " the man in womens clothing " LOL I LAUGHED SUPER HARD! knowing sally dressed herself lol and hasnt been trained in dressing properly and make up lol..yet.. working on that saturday when we go sissy clothing shopping all day and doing lunch - girls day out!
AWWWWW See its the little things that amuse me greatly lol..
Sally also asked if she could remove her prince albert
because she cant sit at work to pee lol and has been "spraying"
her pants now while at work lollllllllllllllllll lol
others might see lolllllllll omg it just keeps getting better
and making me laugh even more lolllll...
Omg it still makes me laugh,
of course I said

Ummmm Michelle Slut, get to it wtf! cant be your only option.

BECKA you need to report to duty pronto you fucking garden utensil!

Anthongy you need to report as well.. its time!

Jukebox I will be reading your blog tonight.
be sure to keep music flowing in my room since its friday!

Cucktard- Fuck right off Liar!

Lexy Mistress misses you! I hope your back next week like your email stated.

Time for New Flowers!!

My Boots from my adoring foot loser should come today :)
Just intime since its raining hard today outside!
I cant wait to put them on and take some pictures.

Releasing a new site and alot of new pictures later today.
working on portions of it still.
You are gonna burst outta your chastity lol
or atleast be in alot of pain LOL when you get to see it.

If you are interested in serving, email requesting application.

call me & tribute here

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