Saturday, April 17, 2010

Throw yourself @ MY feet and Beg to Serve

hello my loyal sublings & faithful blog readers...been a while since my last post. been busy doing things on the personal tip and had to bend over for uncle sam...fucker needs to start using some lube! also been promoting my friends band & ...been out and about enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having in Columbus Ohio here lately... so nice out... my flowers look amazin! chillaxin' with my friends & shopping... went insane in victorias secret yesterday....i guess its not a secret anymore lol... lots of new pictures & things have been arriving from good slaves who shop off my wishlists. I'm in the mood to do some extreme cbt and denial today... lets see what you can do for me today...I hope your entertaining or I will block ya.. so make it good....oh i almost forgot lolllllllll becka hows letting most of the world see you on cam doing yourself with a toilet scrubber on cam lolllllll you should be sober now lolllllll embarrassed? lol tonight around 11 pm i will be on cam with a slave so dont miss it!!phone is on today as well so call me or go watch one of my videos or open my ptv pics and can also follow me on twitter and on my space

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