Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Love My Nail Art - Suck My Toes!

Mistress has been busy shopping, slapping losers around, I also went and seen your relatives at the Columbus zoo for a company party, doing my garden & flower beds, & looking for a new car since the accident.... which you should donate to via rush card! mistress's new car fund - ( instructions for rush card few entries down ) looking at narrowing it down to 4 choices. im leaning towards the vw bug black its cute! and mom had a 1972 yr i was born one.. loves them. my pink hello kitty seat covers and etc will look cute! still weighing my options. Doing lots of cam & phone lately. realtime here and there, mostly with my regulars who have been loyal for yrs.
I had a photoshoot 1950's style pin- up clothing, hair, & makeup TOTALLY HOT!!! MEOW! slowly releasing the pictures. making you beg for them! grovel bitches grovel. show me how bad you need to see them!
Dont be the only one who doesn't get to view them.
Added a few more things to my wishlist on amazon for you to get for me.
looking also for couple new sissies to experiment with on a few ideals i have... will be so much girly fun!
Did you know May is National Masterbation Month?
#jackathon on twitter #niteflirt
practice safe sex - jack off!
besides they say you will live longer & I'm yet to see a blind man lol.
click the vaseline bottle on right side on my blog & grab some lotion!
I will be doing webcam and phone at midnight
so check my niteflirt http://www.niteflirt.com/themeanladymadisonshow for it to be on.. signing into all my accounts if i can remember them all all over the net and changing out pics and themes and adding some new updates. you can also follow me on twitter i tweet several times a day.. most slaves love having a glimpse into my awesome life.
checking emails and going through applications.. couple interesting applications worthy for screening to see if they are something I want to OWN. still checking them... get yours into me if you haven't already.
I have some more updates to do here tonight so check back often!
Now get to making yourself useful to ME !

Sexy Pic Huh??
... tie you up, and tease you belly dancing!

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