Friday, August 13, 2010

BEST WEBCAM - o FOOT FETISH o- SUCK IT - streaks n the sky & fri the 13th

Get to making yourself useful.
Crawl to me online now. or via phone
Mistress wants an amazon gift certificate. found something you will love to see her wearing.
oH How the hard cock throbs for a glance at a hot vixen in a sexy dress.
which one will get that glance?
becka- your out your cotton picking panty out your ass freakin mind. when you snap back into my reality pm me.
anthongy- tis time to adore and spoil your queen
tidy bowl tard. - your assignment better be completed
foot toad -get to shipping some new shoes off my wishlist. tis time for couple pairs of new ones.
sissycuddledolly- fill up mistress's rush card today.
michelleslut- get to adding something to my niteflirt slut.. the days of your slackery are OVER!
mytwitteradmirer - click click and click until your CRYING & BEGGING for Mercy! and I say STOP! IF I'm Satisfied!
There are a couple positions available for real time this weekend. inquire via email
Phone is on!! SHOW ME YOUR WEBCAM!
my id: themeanladymadisonshow
add me as a friend.
get to it..
show me what you can do for me to better improve my quality of Glamorous Life!


  1. It would certainly be a privilege to obey the painted command on such a pretty toes, Mistress Madison!

  2. i seek to be use without mercy , i seek to ask for mercy , i seek to beg for mercy

    i think everyone over world will ask for this honor to serve a real pretty QUEEN like you Mistress Madison