Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Down On Your Knees

New High def webcam!! Don't miss your chance to see me live! I also want some amazon gift certificates sent to my email to get my halloween outfit.. I have been super busy and going to lots of concerts just seen slayer megadeth and anthrax it was awesome! I have pics of me in the pit!! yes you have a tough ass Mistress :) but a certain bastage has made me kinda sad but its ok you slaves will never leave me! always loving and adoring and worship the ground i walk upon. craving my abuse and care while making sure I have the best life possible.. so its time to kick it into gear my slaves. this week I will be on most the day and evenings. you can send me a email if there is a particular time you would like a session via online or off or phone. I have a new camera as well. new comp life is pretty good other than that bastage!! it would pain him greatly to see others spoiling the shit outta me like he could never ever even come close. he will learn hes NOTHING without ME! HA.. Most slaves also learn this some faster than others. Hair is getting long again.. doing a photoshoot this coming weekend. will be shocking for halloween which is coming quickly.. time to treat your mistress b4 she casts some evil vendictive spell on you.. chop chop my zombies!! I snap my fingers and you come running!

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