Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Seduction Sadistic Hotness Pleasing Mistress

Only a few days until Thanksgiving Break begins... and of course Black Friday and shopping My Favorite!
Added lots of new stuff to My Wishlist
for you to get ME! I totally want the pink guitar, I play and its PINK!!!! SO I must have it!! you will make sure I get what I want !! Thats what good slaves do!! Please their Mistress!

I spent most of the evening looking at applications from slaves seeking to serve.. few caught My eye.. meeting this week for screening. I love new pets! Going this afternoon to look at a new car, something good in the snow.. thinking suv/cross over style.. if you would like to contribute to my safe winter driving experience get a greendot money pak at cvs, walgreens or walmart, and give me the code you scratch off the back or put something on my rushcard. My car I have now is horrible in winter cause of the low profile tires and rims. Doing doughnuts on the interstate was not fun last yr.. so get to it slaves! Besides I will be traveling alot this winter to Nyc and Fla. I dont like flying unless I absolutely have too..
also making an appointment for my hair to get done for the holidays and before My big photoshoot coming up... Waiting on one last outfit to arrive before doing it.. wishes it would snow as well soon.. loves some outdoor winter pics..
I'm looking for a good moneyslave, foot fetish boi, and a new sissy maid for my stable.
There is a couple experiments Im also wanting to try on a few guinea pig slaves... evil chuckles.
several entertained me on their cams this weekend.. sissy dolly was so hot! i totally loved the frilly pink outfit good job ! im impressed. Doing some webcam make up training this week for sissies and wrote some new 2010 holiday newletters and assignments. be looking for those to be released this week as well.. my nails and toes are currently red french tips with white n black with rhinestones.. very festive! and sexy... i just love red.. dont you?
My phone is usually always on so check if im not i will be soon I turn it off while sleeping or eatting when U may not disturb ME!

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