Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Meow! Showing My Claws - Go Buckeyes - Snaps My FINGERS

Showing My Claws! Some nail art for My Beloved Buckeyes !! I hope they stomp some ass this weekend. red white black n grey with rhinestones ON my toes too... you can beg to see my toes. I took lots of new pictures.
Beckaslut- tis time!!
Anthongywhore- snaps my fingers contact me on yahoo pronto!
sissytrix- i cant wait to go shopping with you this weekend.. dont forget to wear some comfortable flats for our power shopping outting.
Shoe bitch- get to getting the shoes I want and the new boots I added to my amazon wishlist.
spankinghog- i will over thursday to make it hurt some more lol.. and yes I am evil!! ha ha
I know it might have been hard contacting me past couple days always try me via email i check that often msmadisonsgarden@aol.com
I have been busy doing some real time the past week.. my arm is sore from dishing out an ass blistering! I love it when they contact me days later loving the fact they cant forget me cuz they are having issues sitting with that well beaten ass I left em with LOL.... my legs are rock hard and sore from the trample-a-thon i gave my loyal G this morning during his lunch break.. I love stomping all over that rug.
MY phone is on Get on your knees and start dialing!!http://www.niteflirt.com/themeanladymadisonshow
REquest an application via my email.
you only get one chance to complete it.
READY,.,,, SET.... GO!

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