Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tis the Season 2 B Generous - Something changed - Free Texting

Had alot of fun over the holiday weekend... Of Course My Beloved Buckeyes stomped Michigans ass ! HA HA HA

ATTENTION: New rush card # so be sure to get the new one off right side of this blog b4 sending to be sure I recieve it!

Someone pleased me getting my pink guitar for me!
that put a huge smile on my face.

go to my wishlist and buy buy buy slaves!!

its time to get back to work bitches your lil holiday break for thanksgiving is over!!!
my phone is also on

also decided that whom ever tributes the most in the month of December
gets a signed pic and 1 month free texting with Mistress..
I'M keeping track...
so go fill up my accounts!
prefers rushcard & amazon gift certificates, my wishlist, or green dot moneypaks

(look on the right side of my blog for details) ---->

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