Thursday, April 14, 2011


well what are you waiting for? submit! you can do so via email I check my emails often. I will be on webcam tonight as well as phone. wearing some delish fetish outfits and very sexy heels. I looking for a few good real time boi's as well in Ohio. New assignments are ready for those who deserves them. Lots of new things in niteflirt be sure to check your emails on there I have sent out new hot pics. video will be coming tonight.. special videos custom made are also an option to worship Moi by request & tribute. I have added alot of things on my amazon wishlist for you to send ME. hot new things for me to wear and take even more hot pictures wearing or while using. Mistress will enjoy her spring break starting tomorrow until 26th and you are going to make sure of it.. lots of pampering, worshipping, lots following my instructions and my demands.. and of course pleasing entertaining and making me laugh.. I LOVE TO LAUGH! DO BE SURE TO READ ALL MY BLOG if you dont know who I am.. which there isnt very many people who don't. very well known in the DOMINATRIX WORLD. Dungeon is also available over spring break.. apply to serve Bitches!

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