Friday, July 13, 2012

YOU'RE SO FUCKED - HOT WEBCAM TEASE - Dungeon 9 was so packed last night

 Hello Sluts,

    Mistress has been super busy with new slaves who submitted applications, and also with sissy who has been spoiling Mistress with shopping trips. What I do best spending my money you earn for Me to live this cushy lavish Princess lifestyle. Keep it coming slaves! it's the whole reason you even exist at all.

Sissy has quite a few new vintage retro womens dresses and unmentionables.. this sluts gonna make me alot of money dressed as a hot trampish pin up sissy. Hot photoshoot soon for the new niteflirt sissy for men listing I made for her.. she wanted to be pimped by Mistress and hands me every dime she earns....
.... like a good slave whore would.

I have been doing lots of real time & webcam sessions/cam teasing, Just taking lots of pictures & making videos lately. Every where I go with my new cell phone becka slut got me/watched me order off my amazon wishlist ....... via what i truly love....... team viewer.... LOL he loved it jerking like he was gonna break it .. becka it time for you to watch porn again. lol .....pst I added some new knee high socks just for you .. winks  ( the more you buy off my wishlist.. the more hot things I take pictures in and you love my pictures ).

You're going to have to just go look for yourself on my niteflirt

I have been revamping everything and adding new pictures to my listings... so drool and call with your wallet open and ready to serve Mistress.

Go check it out!!

I will be really fucking up your wallet this weekend moneyslaves.. you getting paid = Mistress's panties get really wet ;) lets see who tributes the most..

Let's get this kinky weekend started!

~Mistress Madison 

remember the old yahoo user rooms?
well its back...
come on in!!

MoneySlaves 4 Mistresses

places was packed last night with tons of Mistresses and slaves on their webcams and live on mic humiliating slaves. was awesome felt like old times again. we are going to be there all this weekend so join the fun.

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