Thursday, October 19, 2017

So I've been Thinking...... Mistress PSA


  I'm sure some of you have noticed I don't post as much as I did in years past... there has been reasons other than you slaves not being deserving.. the main reason has been because every time I open My Mouth someone is using My Words as their own... giving  me no credit of course.. claiming my words and experiences in the scene as their own.. the plagiarism and copying shit annoys the fuck outta me.. can you not be original? seriously...

 After months of not being as open as I was in many yrs past  I had a convo with someone..
I keep hearing how intimidating I am... and slaves are afraid to approach me.. LOL... ANYWAYS..

 I figured it was because some of you have watched me on a site drain my slave's wallet of 1000's of dollars a day for months.. several times a yr...and also having him send to other Domina's I like... its nice to make your friends smile.. anyways that's what i hear is some of the reason slaves are saying I'm so intimidating and brutal LOL.. bunch of wussies.. anyone who knows me knows i know each slave is different and I work with slaves who approach wishing to submit.

I do not assume everyone is a money slave who can afford to spoil me My Good Boy Mariner who we are currently celebrating our 1 yr anny of me owning him.. or my good girl Lexy I've owned since 1998..  It's cute if you try to compete lol ... but I'm realistic. I also have been a Pro Domina since 1990 and do more than just financial domination, as it is just one fetish.. each slave has a place and position in my life.. after 27 yrs i can afford to be picky whom i give my attention and time too...

With all that being said.... I will be posting more on here about my experiences and thoughts on the scene for the last 27 years and into the Future.. Real Time and Online.. It was explained to me that when you are a legend people are going to copy you and want to be like you..example... like Led Zep in music industry... copying their songs.. even having cover bands playing their songs.. so I'm GOING to post more and more about My views and life as a Pro Domina... because who better to be a role model for the newer Dominas coming into the scene..

 PLUS Me posting and staying two steps ahead of the copying frauds.. slaves see and notice things.. they notice the copying.. who do you think comes and tells me? slaves!!!! DUH...

 I also hear constantly how we seasoned long standing Dominas are tired of turning our heads to non sense and harmful things being brought into the scene.. if we say something, they call it shaming.. If no one says anything and we keep turning our heads the scene wont be here for us anymore.. those who have been around realize that a few peoples selfish and disturbing actions destroyed the old yahoo rooms we loved so much.. so no one can say a few bad apples can't ruin things for everyone.. because we have seen it happen before.

slaves are also complaining about the new comers entering scene.. the slaves can see and can tell whats going on they're not stupid.. they can tell the difference if someone knows their skills/trade or faking it for a fast buck.. I could go on and on for days..

 but the reason for this post is to express some thoughts and to inform the masses I will be more open and inviting lol again.. I also hope people stop using my words and copying me, figure out who they are ..and stand out for who themselves on their own merit.. and using their own words and thoughts..

I also hope it will stir the long standing Domina's to stop turning their heads to things we see happening in the scene before one bad apple ruins it for everyone...

what ever happened to discretion? that's a topic for another time..

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