Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My B-day Bash - Great White & Dirty Side Down

Mistress backstage with her good friend Brian, some of you pantera fans might reconize him! I adore him! I was a tad tipsy in the pic lol.. I have alot more pics and some video from the concert. month's not over bitches get to sending those last minute birthday gifts. picture taken by chris a. photography another friend of mine :) picture below i took from vip section of great white when they was performing "rock me"! bar was packed!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I have been recieving gifts all week from friends and subbies. Brian sent me a birthday cake.. isnt it sweet. He's so Devoted and Attentive.. I wanna lick it and knock those candles off ,, LoL I totally don't feel 38 yrs soon as of March 26th.. Time flys when your having fun they say.... A Good friend of Dime's & mine gave me a Poster for my office, I will treasure it 4 evers! & a signed book & free tickets for concert coming up! - Great White..... he's mentioned alot & his pictures are inside the book in a couple chapters.. Very special to me !! Read the book, made me cry & cry, gawd I miss Dime! I'll have a Drink for you D on my bday! & I Can't wait to hug Rick at the concert, my old boss at the Venue! my old stomping grounds!! Into the pit! giggles... sissymichelle sent my bare mineral makeup I had on my wishlist. I was sent earrings to but not sure who from.. mmm I love surpises! Send MORE!!! My shirt also came I wanted from Slav, hes claiming while he was alone one night stare'n at my pics that he popped his ball and had to have it removed lol.. (I tell them not to do things to themselves without my direction) BUT he didnt listen.. so now hes the one nut wonder lol...
Put your cash in my niteflirt account or on my rush card (instructions down a couple entries) & go to my wishlist and get me the things I have marked as wanting for my birthday. and yes its a big wishlist list, I'm demanding and greedy what can I say ... wink wink.... Phones on bitches get to calling me NOW!