Saturday, September 28, 2013

Did you Miss Mistress or what? LOL

Mistress enjoyed her summer..
lots of concerts & sessions with good slaves.
Lots of pictures and videos.
 some of you might have seen a few, others need to beg. lol

 Loves that now is my FAVORITE time of year.
 Perfect for boots and leather.
Shopping for all new fall clothing for functions I will be attending.
I have received quite a few new applications to serve  Me.
 Met a few for proper screening.
 2 are really standing out from the rest.
 I look for QUALITY ...
Oh and by the way I took a big pair of scissors and cut several people OFF.
IN Other news .. lol
Planning some vacations to New Jersey, Michigan
And to Florida to see Ms Nessa.
Shopping sprees & Beach Time. Photo Shoots ..
My Hair is longer than ever... to my Perfect ass....
  Toned up some with lots of swimming and dancing my ass off
Totally refreshed. I hope you are ready to do everything I command you to do.
Dungeon 9 will be re-Opening  SOON
now that it's cooling off and people are getting back on the net inside.
Revamping of alot of things are currently in progress.
 Alot of old yahoo user room Dominas will be in there as well as devoted and eager submales.
Trying to make time to get a couple beautiful tattoos i want done before winter comes. Very Fem & Retro Pinup sexy .. Just what I love.
I have been online alot during the daytime throughout the week days m-f 9am-3pm and then 10 pm-4am. Screening after 3 pm until 7 pm. Weekends Most of the time unless napping or sleeping.
Enjoys the phone calls i get when Mistress is out and about shopping or sessioning from you. You love hearing what I'm Doing. Big Huge Black cocked Boyfriend has been here with me alot as well.
I have some nice videos and pictures of us together. I know how much you love him and his BBC.
New web cam which I'm totally loving,, Crystal clear.. WANNA SEE?
Email ME
Had some improvements done in the Dungeon.
 New Hard
Wood Flooring & Huge Spa Bath for You to wait on me hand and foot while I take a bubble bath.
 Keep watching my diary
 I will be making more updates this week.
Slowly releasing pictures ... slowly... Making you suffer.
Besides you surely are not worthy.
 How long has it been since you showed devotion?
Think about it ... Yeah it's time.
Hint! lol

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cold Busted! Your Wife Called LOL & Mistress in the Park

Well Hello there Mistress Groupies!!!
Lots of Hysterical Things have happened lately...
The other night late my phone rang I noticed it was one of my sissy bitches who had been given a task earlier in the day.. thinking oh he finally did as told... so I answered and said numbers slut! And I hear a womans voice say who is this!! I began laughing... I said well who is this? She said I think you know my husband! I was shocked because for several years now he said they split and divorce in process.. she then became very rude... so you know how I am.. I got rude back lol... I was laughing because she kept asking him who I was and he wouldn't answer her.. I always tell slaves that if their wife calls me I will tell her everything so make sure she never contacts me.. this loser learned the hard way,, I told her she had spoken to me before 13 yrs ago and I informed her that time that her hubby gets on cam in her panties while shes at work... She yelled I thought you said you stopped that and you never spoke to this Lady again LOL... I then said hes never left he knows his place. and told her to put him on the phone he was given a task and if he didn't complete the task he would not be a happy camper.. I told her I did Not care who she was at this point. She kept screaming how shes signing the papers in the morning. there is no fixing this. He hung up the phone and I laughed for like 10 mins then the phone rang again.. Yes it was her again lol.. this time she was raging mad and demanding to know how much my christmas gift was.. when was the last time he had sent me money? 
And I told her to tell him I aint saying nothing else until I see some more gifts....
Lesson learned here stupido.. Never Leave your Phone Alone lol

Weather has been really nice lately in Ohio..
I was in the park enjoying the weather..

  Lots of slaves a crawling back ... they always do!! Addiction is a Bitch!!

Lots of Music concerts this summer you can make them extra special for Mistress
by ordering things off 
  my amazon wishlist 
and emailing me for instructions to send cash Gifts...

Subject:   Goddess Worship

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Oh Please Mistress May I have Another ?? - Sexy Devil Mistress

Of Course You Can You Pathetic Loser!!!
Mistress on a Internet Mission to Use & Abuse as many slave/sub males as possible...
You can send an email beggin for my application or begging to be owned by Me.
you can also send all gift certificates there as well.
Tonight I was making my sissy entertain Me on his girly webcam...
While instructing sissyslut with My Commands..
Such a Luck Slut Indeed

 HA HA One day that sluts going to get caught running around nude & doing crazy things outside..
Pathetic Loser will do anything to Please Me as he should ... Making Me Laugh... and Ordered 4 Items Off My Wish List Showing Proper Devotion with a Gift...
I Love & Enjoy My Loyals...
Also Did some Cuckolding Pictures tonight with a BIG BLACK COCK.
OMG Now your Mouth is watering isn't it?
Go on My Twitter to See...
Weak Bitches LoL

Friday, April 26, 2013

Warm Weather Worship & Sadistic Mistress Updates

Hello My Darlings...
 Warmer weather has arrived and Mistress has been enjoying it..
Lots of New Pictures and Videos being released this weekend..
 so keep watching for Updates on my Twitter
I'm replying to all the emails about potential slave inquries so if you have already sent Me an email you should see one in your emails now or just send me one as I have been going through those as well..
 Lots of eager slaves oh my :)
This coming month of may I will be partaking in alot of festivities in the music industry. I will need some things purchased from my amazon wishlist. I have added alot of shirts, and shorts and shoes.. and gift cards,
 get to ordering them asap! thats a direct order.
 Tonight and all weekend I will be giving good foot slaves who order shoes
 webcam as rewards for pleasing Mistress.
Be sure to check my twitter often I post there alot and it will keep you current on slave tasks and the Luxurious Princess Life I lead.
Money Slaves I also want your cash 
you can email me asking me how to send My Money
Also send all gift certificates there as well..

Friday, March 22, 2013

Harsh Brutal Humiliation & Pre-Birthday Weekend

Hey YOU!!!
Yes You, you fucking loser... Ready for a Dose of Reality? LOL
This weekend is all about ME ME ME and you serving ME ME ME...
You will make me Laugh... I will make you CRY... ha ha...
Cbt, Forced Intox, Financial Domination, and Home Wrecking are for sure on the Menu..
Amongst other things... 
Steph just sent her weekly Devotion gift.. waiting on some others.
Anthongy, RiverDancer & Becka better get it together
 or shall lose their top spots as most Entertaining subbies I own.. you have some competition..
  Keep emailing hysterically funny stuff trying to impress ME.
The rest of you lost sometime-ee community sluts can crawl to Me
 begging Me to show Mercy on your worthly ass.
 Maybe I will notice you. Maybe I wont..

 You only get one chance to Submit...

Only 4 days left until My Birthday  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Lots of crying, I guess you really have missed me...
 or is that screaming from the Dungeon?
Guess what time it is???
 hint hint
time for your slave ass to get busy!
So excited ...
Wonders at what great lengthes you will go to this year to make it better than last yr??

 If you wish to serve send an email to
Subject: serving you

Lots of New Pictures and videos.. beg for them...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Partying all of March - Birthday Aries Goddess

Mistress got a new phone so lots of videos and new pictures are forth coming!!
Yes I'm Partying the whole month of March for My Birthday!! I'm going to use and abuse you something ferce this month... you love it dontcha ya?
 I still want to go see Fleetwood Mac tix are $160.00 with tax.. take care of that for Mistress..I really want to see them.. Rock on the Range is also coming up in May. Princess will be here again this year. we are going to top last yrs westin and limo spree. You Boys are good for something!! Maybe this yr you will get to meet with us while she is here, If you are lucky! so make yourself useful.
You can go shop my Wishlist or send an amazon gift certificate to for my birthday, I also love cash gifts so I can get my hair done and hit the mall..
Lots of new things have happened,, new tattoo,, new things arriving from good boi's and tons of new devices to use on you... mmmm i loves it..

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Retro Glam Pink Pinup Mistress & High Heel Heaven

Dark Manipulative Eyes of Goddess Over Takes you forcing you to comply with My Every Desire.
Mistress has been busy since Holidays going to Parties, Concerts and being served by Real Time submissives. I will be online all this week sometimes in day time est time zone or late at night...
 if you reach Me in private messages consider yourself Lucky!
You can also reach me via email
Seeking a couple shopping piggies and sissies. I also have some vacations coming up and the details need taken care of , beg to be allowed to complete part of ensuring Mistress has a Luxuriously Fabulous time.
Going for another  hot Pinup photo shoot before Valentine's day. I have placed a couple things on my wishlist you can get me for that... Remember More you Spoil Mistress more HOT FUCKING PICTURES you loser bitches get to drool over. I'm in the mood to do some cam tease body worship, something for the cuckolds, showing off a new pair of heels a good boi sent me & some extreme wallet draining. I can smell tax returns.. hand it over to Mistress.
You can always go on my twitter and find hourly posts from Me

Sending out new pictures  tonight & doing phone & webcam together.