Friday, December 31, 2010

Here is to a NEW YEAR


Besure to Party Safely & No drinking n driving either!!

I will be online & phone w/ webcam tonight!

Having My Own Party...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Washing your Dirty Thoughts OFF - Ending & Starting - PHOTO SHOOT- New Happy New Years

New songs on My Blog!! HOTNESS!!
Happy Holidays Bitches! Hope yours was as Wonderful as Mine! BETTER END AND START THIS NEW YEAR OFF RIGHT WITH ME!! Some of you slaves are in BIG TROUBLE.. I still have the naughty List! Crawl to ME Now so we can check your name off this BAD LIST.. Mistress has been really busy enjoying the Holidays and My Sleep Schedule got messed up Christmas so Im up extra early when your waking up with,, well Wood you look at that... LOL.. I have put somethings on my amazon wishlist I want for New years go get them for Mistress. My Phone is on so get to Calling! Lots of New things to come in 2011. Be sure to contribute to the expensive photo shoot I will be getting from a world wide rock photographer. He is a good friend and is offering to also photograph my Domina friends as well as make a couple New good videos with myself and slaves. Email me if Interested!! Mistress's true side will shine thru in the pictures HE IS SO TALENTED!!! Go stuff your cashy in My Niteflirt ACCOUNT.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

merry christmas

merry christmas!

Monday, December 6, 2010

All in My Hands - New pictures - Times ticking

The gifts are beginning to arrive!
Placing them under my Tree...
chop chop if you have not spoiled me yet!

My Dean Guitar arrived today!
Loves it!

I want some gift cards I have listed on my wishlist get busy slaves.

I need a foot boi asap for some local shoe shopping,, if your in my area email me right now!

my phone is on

$1.99 3 new Pics taken tonight 12-07-201
with a gift & sexy ones of MS MADISON

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Tis December in just a few moments so get on your mark, get set, GO SLAVES GO! I will be keeping track and the Very Lucky slave will get to pick the day to redeem his winnings. YES! Mistress is being very generous. the lights, christmas caroling which Jeffonia will be doing again this year, I already have her songs picked out and she has to start practicing. I prefer RUSH CARD and amazon gift certificates to or my wishlist the most during the Holiday season.
Niteflirt is not part of my holiday contest!
My Niteflirt is always on.. 24/7 some hours the rates will be higher and it will take more from you to get My Full On Attention. But other times you will notice I have lowered most of my listings for the Holidays. lots of webcam everyday on my niteflirt phone and webcam lines. Just check My Homepage currently doing some hot foot fetish web cam.




Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tis the Season 2 B Generous - Something changed - Free Texting

Had alot of fun over the holiday weekend... Of Course My Beloved Buckeyes stomped Michigans ass ! HA HA HA

ATTENTION: New rush card # so be sure to get the new one off right side of this blog b4 sending to be sure I recieve it!

Someone pleased me getting my pink guitar for me!
that put a huge smile on my face.

go to my wishlist and buy buy buy slaves!!

its time to get back to work bitches your lil holiday break for thanksgiving is over!!!
my phone is also on

also decided that whom ever tributes the most in the month of December
gets a signed pic and 1 month free texting with Mistress..
I'M keeping track...
so go fill up my accounts!
prefers rushcard & amazon gift certificates, my wishlist, or green dot moneypaks

(look on the right side of my blog for details) ---->

Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Seduction Sadistic Hotness Pleasing Mistress

Only a few days until Thanksgiving Break begins... and of course Black Friday and shopping My Favorite!
Added lots of new stuff to My Wishlist
for you to get ME! I totally want the pink guitar, I play and its PINK!!!! SO I must have it!! you will make sure I get what I want !! Thats what good slaves do!! Please their Mistress!

I spent most of the evening looking at applications from slaves seeking to serve.. few caught My eye.. meeting this week for screening. I love new pets! Going this afternoon to look at a new car, something good in the snow.. thinking suv/cross over style.. if you would like to contribute to my safe winter driving experience get a greendot money pak at cvs, walgreens or walmart, and give me the code you scratch off the back or put something on my rushcard. My car I have now is horrible in winter cause of the low profile tires and rims. Doing doughnuts on the interstate was not fun last yr.. so get to it slaves! Besides I will be traveling alot this winter to Nyc and Fla. I dont like flying unless I absolutely have too..
also making an appointment for my hair to get done for the holidays and before My big photoshoot coming up... Waiting on one last outfit to arrive before doing it.. wishes it would snow as well soon.. loves some outdoor winter pics..
I'm looking for a good moneyslave, foot fetish boi, and a new sissy maid for my stable.
There is a couple experiments Im also wanting to try on a few guinea pig slaves... evil chuckles.
several entertained me on their cams this weekend.. sissy dolly was so hot! i totally loved the frilly pink outfit good job ! im impressed. Doing some webcam make up training this week for sissies and wrote some new 2010 holiday newletters and assignments. be looking for those to be released this week as well.. my nails and toes are currently red french tips with white n black with rhinestones.. very festive! and sexy... i just love red.. dont you?
My phone is usually always on so check if im not i will be soon I turn it off while sleeping or eatting when U may not disturb ME!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Watching you out the corner of My eye.
Don't think you can ever get anything past MISTRESS!
I had noticed My buy now buttons on the side of my blog wasnt working.. well guess what they do now so click em bitches!!! I redid 700 of them outta the 1600 i have lol.. busy Mistress appearently who enjoys taking hot pics, writing assignments, and working the hell out of my slaves!! as it should be :)
there is about 800 more left to add so check back later tonight. I started going alittle fuzzy eyed so I'm stopping for the moment so I do them right. I know how much you slaves love all my stuff.
ok this weekend we are going to have some fun since next weekend we will be with our families and etc for thanksgiving..
let the fun begin!!
! evil laughs !
oh and my longgggggg time atleast 15 yrs or more foot slave petey is back...
can't wait until you come here so we can go shoe shopping during the holidays :)
anthongy and dalelina
you whores are in trouble
get your ass's in my pm box now & wait for my response.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ice Queen Madison

tis cold outside as my heart....
my phone is on tonight..
my dirtylilslut is amusing me tonight.. he has been such a good bitch!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

GO BUCKEYES!! - HOT Private SHOE SHOPPING - CAM - New Holiday Assignments Coming Soon!

I have several new and some of my personal classic from yrs past, Holiday assignments! I know how much you all enjoy them and how much I enjoy watching you completing them.. Sissy jeffonia's christmas carols for hookers and on 6 pm news back drop live window, will forever be one of my favorites.. I love the pics from that as well lol.. TIS THE Season To make Me laugh!

I will be releasing them starting Next Week.. Sipping the most wonderful vanilla & carmel coffee..loves my princess cup sissy got me today as well..Btw sissy I found the slip I told you I had for you. Peticoat attached. will look cute when you wear it with your sissy holiday outfit we got. dont forget you still need those stockings I sent you the link of.. make sure you have them by tuesday when we go to lunch.
Shopped most of Friday... New shoes MMMM...I do love shoes.. such a good shoe boi.. went nuts in nine west.that sales clerk loves us, shes locks the door while we are there private shopping! loves it!!! he's so good to his Mistress. he always tips her on top of her huge commission she makes off all the shoes we got..she smiles everytime! I totally love my new boots the cream pair and the black pair most. the fur ones are ok, just casual winter shoes for everyday wear comfortable. but the black ones and matching purse are my favorites that I got today..
I'll post pictures of them in his email 1st before releasing them here tomorrow after noon.
Doing some foot fetish cam right now on

I have lowered some of my lines so go check some are 99 cents or lower per min.
I have some openings today for screening. follow instructions send a request for an application.also a brief introduction and why I should consider you.
snaps my fingers for my bitches I already own.. crawl to Mistress Now. I have tasks and assignments for you!
Going to another concert in a couple weeks, can't wait! Keep those amazon gift certificates coming send to
I'd like to thank those who have been spamming my links, the boi's you have sent in my direction have been quite generous and amusing.



I also want these for the holidays!

Just put the amount of the one you are getting Me
on My rush card so I can order it... Pronto!

Should only be the finest in MY CABINET.
You will make sure of it!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Meow! Showing My Claws - Go Buckeyes - Snaps My FINGERS

Showing My Claws! Some nail art for My Beloved Buckeyes !! I hope they stomp some ass this weekend. red white black n grey with rhinestones ON my toes too... you can beg to see my toes. I took lots of new pictures.
Beckaslut- tis time!!
Anthongywhore- snaps my fingers contact me on yahoo pronto!
sissytrix- i cant wait to go shopping with you this weekend.. dont forget to wear some comfortable flats for our power shopping outting.
Shoe bitch- get to getting the shoes I want and the new boots I added to my amazon wishlist.
spankinghog- i will over thursday to make it hurt some more lol.. and yes I am evil!! ha ha
I know it might have been hard contacting me past couple days always try me via email i check that often
I have been busy doing some real time the past week.. my arm is sore from dishing out an ass blistering! I love it when they contact me days later loving the fact they cant forget me cuz they are having issues sitting with that well beaten ass I left em with LOL.... my legs are rock hard and sore from the trample-a-thon i gave my loyal G this morning during his lunch break.. I love stomping all over that rug.
MY phone is on Get on your knees and start dialing!!
REquest an application via my email.
you only get one chance to complete it.
READY,.,,, SET.... GO!

Monday, November 8, 2010

New Pictures - Humiliation Monday

chilling in my jammies uploading new sexy stuff from over the weekend.

99 cents 2 pictures of Ms Madison
taken 11-07-2010
when she sees your tiny cock LOL

send all amazon gift certificates to

Friday, November 5, 2010

Dishing out Humiliation - MISTRESS Teases & Denies you on WEBCAM - Seduction Weekend

Fu*kStick Friday! I'm in the mood to destroy some egos and knock some male bitches in their place. Enjoying My Friday Nite on webcam. If you have made yourself USEFUL to me then you will get to View! I updated my wishlist get to getting the things Mistress wants! Now ! I will be watching webcams this weekend and doing webcam, phone, realtime, online and making new videos. My Videos are now back on

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Get on your Knees & Bow to the QUEEN


Tis Halloween My Pets... I have been very generous with New Pictures and assignments. Yes I know.. They are FABULOUS as Always.. Since getting my new webcam, I really enjoy doing more webcam and pictures. I want some new outfits to wear so get to sending me and AMAZON Gift Certificate to You can also fill up My NITEFLIRT with your cash & My Rush Card (instructions on right side of my blog in the spoil Mistress section).. I also accept regular western unions & moneygrams email me for information to send your gift. I'm $350.00 away from getting my new tattoo.. It's so hot.. slave that sees to me getting what I need for it, will get special cam privileges for a week. Email begging to be that slave. I want to trample this week coming up. And break in a new sissy slut.. Just to Refresh your Memory.. I DO NOT CHASE AFTER MEN/SLAVES! EVER!! NEVER!!! So stop thinking I'm going to pm you.. I'm NOT.. I AM HOWEVER keeping track and will be dishing out punishments as I see fit.. Send an email and if you are new, send an email requesting My Application. Today I have some openings for real time & also screening... So what is it you can do to Entertain, Serve, & Please Me TODAY????

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Happy Spooktacular!

get to calling my cam & phone is On right now!

tons of new pics as well
email begging for them and an application to

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Doing all My Halloween Decorating...
Get on webcam and lets decorate you for My Amusement.
My Phone is on

thinking evil things!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Down On Your Knees

New High def webcam!! Don't miss your chance to see me live! I also want some amazon gift certificates sent to my email to get my halloween outfit.. I have been super busy and going to lots of concerts just seen slayer megadeth and anthrax it was awesome! I have pics of me in the pit!! yes you have a tough ass Mistress :) but a certain bastage has made me kinda sad but its ok you slaves will never leave me! always loving and adoring and worship the ground i walk upon. craving my abuse and care while making sure I have the best life possible.. so its time to kick it into gear my slaves. this week I will be on most the day and evenings. you can send me a email if there is a particular time you would like a session via online or off or phone. I have a new camera as well. new comp life is pretty good other than that bastage!! it would pain him greatly to see others spoiling the shit outta me like he could never ever even come close. he will learn hes NOTHING without ME! HA.. Most slaves also learn this some faster than others. Hair is getting long again.. doing a photoshoot this coming weekend. will be shocking for halloween which is coming quickly.. time to treat your mistress b4 she casts some evil vendictive spell on you.. chop chop my zombies!! I snap my fingers and you come running!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Someone got me that sign for the Dungeon lol.. makes me laugh... so true isn't it... sunday is slayer show im gonna have a blast with about 50 friends there.. be sure to fill up my rush card for me so you are sure I have all the fun I want to have.. phone and webcam has been on everyday,, check to check for availabity..

Friday, October 1, 2010


Go Buckeyes... stomp some ass!!

Listen up bitches its time to get off your pathetic asses and serve!
I have tasks to complete, parties to attend and looking for a video slut to make some new videos with.. A hood can be worn to protect your identity.
its the beginning of a new month its also time to get your slaves dues in order and send Me a amazon gift certificate to
also fill up my niteflirt and my rush card (instructions are on right side of my blog) I have alot of things needed for the halloween party and you slaves are lucky enough to get the task of getting all thats needed.. if you do well.. you will get to attend.

There is also a lot of concerts mistress will be attending this month.. new hot sexy outfits are required so I must shop!

Ive been doing alot of webcam on niteflirt lately. I just got a new cam its mega nice and super high quality.. it also makes videos so if your a good boi you will get to enjoy seeing ME as well..

lots of dishing out humiliation and cbt this weekend.. grab your ankles sluts Mistress is ready to use you!


the person to most entertain ME this weekend gets something special..


Monday, September 13, 2010


yes the buckeyes are my team.. its amusing how subbies who like teams my team beats at games always wanting to make bets with me lolllll you never win lollllllll but it sure makes me laugh seeing you doing the punishments for my team winning.!!

some of you have been missing for the past couple weeks. yes i was busy but i dont forget who checks in with me and who tries their best to serve me without me having to tell you over and over what you are sposed to be doing!

effort bitches effort! show some or I'll be cleaning dungeon house again getting rid of the free loaders!

my phone is on get to calling
RIP TUPAC seems like just yesterday hard to believe you was taken from us in 1996. time flies!
I had some haters sweating the hell outta me last week.. ba ha ha ...once you show them bitches your not the one to play with, they always fall off... always!!

taking new pictures now so be looking for them in your niteflirt emails.. I'm releasing them there 1st!

snaps my fingers ..... line up slaves!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


UGH what will happen next? the past week has sucked big time for me..

I had to get a new computer
& of course its now not compatiable with my webcam!
this blows
so get on my wishlist
and get to buying the one i have listed.
Whoever gets it for me & to me ASAP
will get webcam viewing Rewards ;)

Friday, September 3, 2010


Wow whata week... It totally sucked mega ass...
So get to pampering, adoring, worshipping, spoiling, & serving !

My phone is on

Also fill up my rush card !!

I need shopping therapy as well..

MY WEBCAM is on for only those who deserve to see it

Thursday, August 19, 2010


This is what I see
when I look down..
Total Hotness
Mistress eyes view.

Also doing Web Cam

I was thinking the other day being a Elite Goddess that I am.. why don't I have a stack of Gold Bars? So time to change that. go to my amazon wish list and get them for ME. Like a good boi would!

It's finally cooling off some at night so I can wear my cute leather dresses out!
loves it!
can't wait for my favorite time of year.... FALL!!
Just like you boys fall to your knees to kiss my glorious feet!

I'm online so get to serving and amusing ME!

Friday, August 13, 2010

BEST WEBCAM - o FOOT FETISH o- SUCK IT - streaks n the sky & fri the 13th

Get to making yourself useful.
Crawl to me online now. or via phone
Mistress wants an amazon gift certificate. found something you will love to see her wearing.
oH How the hard cock throbs for a glance at a hot vixen in a sexy dress.
which one will get that glance?
becka- your out your cotton picking panty out your ass freakin mind. when you snap back into my reality pm me.
anthongy- tis time to adore and spoil your queen
tidy bowl tard. - your assignment better be completed
foot toad -get to shipping some new shoes off my wishlist. tis time for couple pairs of new ones.
sissycuddledolly- fill up mistress's rush card today.
michelleslut- get to adding something to my niteflirt slut.. the days of your slackery are OVER!
mytwitteradmirer - click click and click until your CRYING & BEGGING for Mercy! and I say STOP! IF I'm Satisfied!
There are a couple positions available for real time this weekend. inquire via email
Phone is on!! SHOW ME YOUR WEBCAM!
my id: themeanladymadisonshow
add me as a friend.
get to it..
show me what you can do for me to better improve my quality of Glamorous Life!

Saturday, August 7, 2010




Lots of new pictures being released.
I will be on cam again tonight be sure to check niteflirt to see when you can call me tonight for phone and cam together. I'm usually ready to give cam at any given min but Im usually completely dressed and ready to break hearts and wallets around 10 pmish every night.
rare picture of me with my nose and lip jewelry on. dont wear my lip stuff every much it bothers the hell outta me lol.. I do want to see some amazon gift certificates sent to as soon as possible. chop chop slaves!
I have been extremely busy and enjoying the summer alot. I will be online and around alot this weekend and expect to be worshipped and adored completely. get to serving my needs and desires. the more I get to humiliated you and make you suffer the more fun and pleasure I get!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

IM BACK - PURGE - tis time oh pathetic ones

I'm finally back from my vacationing for a moment.. will be online today and rest of week until sunday.
so now is your best chance to get my attention.
its time bois to purge your wallet and purses of your cash! Mistress will spend it on everything that catches my eye.
stop being mondane.. impress me!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Going shopping today so I will be busy you will be lucky if you get in touch with me.

I want to see some amazon gift certificates send them to

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


WOW I have been super duper busy!
I love it! Lots of Men Bowing down to kiss My Feet. Which are pretty & Tan!

I have taken alot of pictures & made 3 new videos. I will post links to them here today so keep checking back.

My Loyals need to show Mistress why you are my loyals.. jump bitches!
Effort EFFORT effort!!
Your eagerness is SEXY!
Check your niteflirt emails and do as instructed in them
New assignments I'm amp'd and creative.
New positionS open YES I GAVE Someone the BOOT and not the good one ;) right out My Dungeon Door..SOOO .. email asking which positions are open and tell me why you think you are the right slave for becoming owned by ME.
Nessa girl I miss you!!
I can't wait until Aug, Sept and OCT 10TH
Omg I will be adding some new hot outfits you can get for ME to my Amazon Wish List !!
Get them for your GODDESS ASAP!! I will write dates when needed by beside the items.
No touching yourself until its ordered either!!!
Slide across the Hot Concrete to Me Now BOY! Speaking of HOT! OMG Treasures this Pic FOREVER. Very Special Person @ a Very Special place in Time.
Jim Morrison's Grave Side.
I totally Love love LOVE The Doors & This Person, Always Will.

The Persona of Sexy!

You Losers will never Be as Awesome!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have been all over the state of Ohio the past 3 days.. Going back out of town tomorrow.
MY TAN LOOKS HOT THO!! If you want to see the pics go open your niteflirt emails Im uploading them now into niteflirt.
I will tease you with them on cam if your worthy!
I want to see some effort from you slaves today.. You have run amuck and slacking on your serving! I let it slide until I got back today. well its time to DO IT!
SO get to sending me your cash, sending in your application if you are seeking to be considered or owned by ME.
THERE are many ways to do so listed on my blog. and I know you losers can read.. so don't even try it!
My Phone lines are on get to calling.
I especially want some cash put on MY RUSH CARD as I'm going out of town on vacation some of this weekend. I Get that instantly!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Losing your Independence to ME weekend!

for the 4TH! I'll release a new pic later tonight this is from the 28th that your drooling over now.. notice the black flip flops yes A good Boi got them.

Becka you gonna tie fire crackers to your balls again this yr and accidently lite it while I'm taken pics again? lolllllll gosh that still makes me laugh..
I bet you thank pepsi everyday. BA HA HA..
IT's the 1st so your slave dues are DUE Sluts!
I want to see my Niteflirt , RushCard, & Amazon account filled up with your cashy! get to clicking!! click click click!!!

Im going to be on webcam & phone tonight around 11 pm be sure to contact me if you would like to view ME.
I have been out enjoying the beautiful summer and all it has to offer... so fair its offered me a bad sunburn lol... but alot of fun traveling some as well...

Lots of concerts coming up.. Maybe you will get lucky enough to attend one with me..
This is going to be a super busy month so approach me while you can.. snaps my fingers for my loyals... crawl to me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Retro Toes - Photo Shoot - Road Trip - Dishing Out Humiliation


Lots of new pictures and videos of a couple real time sessions today.. road trip!! was all over OHIO!

Releasing some on Niteflirt so check your email if you have an account there.
Email ME requesting some...

Tweeting is worth while.
Had a new slave make me flustered and left with a big cheesy grin today
after just posting a couple tweets... make sure you are following me on twitter.
totally enjoyed it.... do it to me one more time!! singing.

I feel like verbally assaulting a male into a puddle of tears tonight..

doing some web cam as well.. watching you on your cam is lots of fun as well...

lets see what you can do to amuse and amaze me on you cam!
you can email me to make arrangements

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Time for Slave camp! Mistress has been super busy running here and there.. I'm online tonight so approach me now!
Here is a pictures from my friend's band performing live.. pic is not that clear hard to snap a pic on a phone