Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Thanks for Giving Coming Quickly

Lots of Holiday Fun! Contact Me for Details.

Thanks for being such giving slaves/subs/sluts, I'm truly thankful for my devoted ones.

tick tock this lil piggy is about to cry while holding his we we weeeeee

you thought begging for mercy worked... ba ha ha ha ha ha ha omg to funny!

I know her and shes just as sadistic as I am lol..

THERE are warning signs all over my blog stating how cruel and evil I am.. hell my name is theMEANLadyMADISONshow not Nice. do you see Nice anywhere in my name? I sure as hell do NOT!!
No Mercy Mistress hello!! points at blog header.. states hardcore.

naughty little slut... someones almost 10 hours late! Extra will be added on...ask around to those who know not to "piss off" Ms Madison.. it's very hard to crawl out of the hole you will go into. some never make it out. completely cut off from any access to me.

Banishment sucks.. SO DO NOT END UP THERE...
I read about it in hysterical pleading emails..
you so do not want that... nor would you enjoy seeing other pics here. ha ha

get it together now!

I'm online, in the chat room
Linkcam is on
NiteFlirt is on
I'm on yahoo
I'm on aol
and on paltalk

get to shopping on my wishlist

Friday, November 18, 2011


phones on get to calling! also doing cam as you can clearly see! approach now sluts!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

red cherry crush

so fresh and so clean clean.... hotness!!

webcam picture of your Mistress just taken... I have been online most of the day ready to do cam sessions & niteflirt painting my nails red cherry crush.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pretty Pedi Spoiled Shopping - Webcam Worship

Mistress has been busy alot lately shopping with a long time local foot-moneyslave with a very good Domme Friend of Mine. this pic is of a new purse and betsey johnson knee highs I got at DSW on our last trip. Total blast went nuts in few other stores as well as lunch tons of pics so check back as I will be adding More.

Lots of Team Viewer lovers roaming around.. so much fun.. email me or message me your ID AND PASSWORD.. AND lets begin!

my phone on niteflirt is on alot in day time now.. as well as available for cam sessions. also real time is available if you are planning to be or in Ohio or Central Ohio Area. email me requesting an application. very selective on whom I allow to serve or meet with me.

Holidays are coming up i want to see lots of amazon gift certificates sent to