Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Tis December in just a few moments so get on your mark, get set, GO SLAVES GO! I will be keeping track and the Very Lucky slave will get to pick the day to redeem his winnings. YES! Mistress is being very generous. the lights, christmas caroling which Jeffonia will be doing again this year, I already have her songs picked out and she has to start practicing. I prefer RUSH CARD and amazon gift certificates to msmadisonsgarden@aol.com or my wishlist http://amzn.com/w/2BRRZOPQVYIYS the most during the Holiday season.
Niteflirt is not part of my holiday contest!
My Niteflirt is always on.. 24/7 some hours the rates will be higher and it will take more from you to get My Full On Attention. But other times you will notice I have lowered most of my listings for the Holidays. lots of webcam everyday on my niteflirt phone and webcam lines. Just check My Homepage http://www.niteflirt.com/themeanladymadisonshow currently doing some hot foot fetish web cam.




Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tis the Season 2 B Generous - Something changed - Free Texting

Had alot of fun over the holiday weekend... Of Course My Beloved Buckeyes stomped Michigans ass ! HA HA HA

ATTENTION: New rush card # so be sure to get the new one off right side of this blog b4 sending to be sure I recieve it!

Someone pleased me getting my pink guitar for me!
that put a huge smile on my face.

go to my wishlist and buy buy buy slaves!!

its time to get back to work bitches your lil holiday break for thanksgiving is over!!!
my phone is also on http://www.niteflirt.com/themeanladymadisonshow

also decided that whom ever tributes the most in the month of December
gets a signed pic and 1 month free texting with Mistress..
I'M keeping track...
so go fill up my accounts!
prefers rushcard & amazon gift certificates, my wishlist, or green dot moneypaks

(look on the right side of my blog for details) ---->

Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Seduction Sadistic Hotness Pleasing Mistress

Only a few days until Thanksgiving Break begins... and of course Black Friday and shopping My Favorite!
Added lots of new stuff to My Wishlist
for you to get ME! I totally want the pink guitar, I play and its PINK!!!! SO I must have it!! you will make sure I get what I want !! Thats what good slaves do!! Please their Mistress!

I spent most of the evening looking at applications from slaves seeking to serve.. few caught My eye.. meeting this week for screening. I love new pets! Going this afternoon to look at a new car, something good in the snow.. thinking suv/cross over style.. if you would like to contribute to my safe winter driving experience get a greendot money pak at cvs, walgreens or walmart, and give me the code you scratch off the back or put something on my rushcard. My car I have now is horrible in winter cause of the low profile tires and rims. Doing doughnuts on the interstate was not fun last yr.. so get to it slaves! Besides I will be traveling alot this winter to Nyc and Fla. I dont like flying unless I absolutely have too..
also making an appointment for my hair to get done for the holidays and before My big photoshoot coming up... Waiting on one last outfit to arrive before doing it.. wishes it would snow as well soon.. loves some outdoor winter pics..
I'm looking for a good moneyslave, foot fetish boi, and a new sissy maid for my stable.
There is a couple experiments Im also wanting to try on a few guinea pig slaves... evil chuckles.
several entertained me on their cams this weekend.. sissy dolly was so hot! i totally loved the frilly pink outfit good job ! im impressed. Doing some webcam make up training this week for sissies and wrote some new 2010 holiday newletters and assignments. be looking for those to be released this week as well.. my nails and toes are currently red french tips with white n black with rhinestones.. very festive! and sexy... i just love red.. dont you?
My phone is usually always on so check if im not i will be soon I turn it off while sleeping or eatting when U may not disturb ME! http://www.niteflirt.com/themeanladymadisonshow

Friday, November 19, 2010


Watching you out the corner of My eye.
Don't think you can ever get anything past MISTRESS!
I had noticed My buy now buttons on the side of my blog wasnt working.. well guess what they do now so click em bitches!!! I redid 700 of them outta the 1600 i have lol.. busy Mistress appearently who enjoys taking hot pics, writing assignments, and working the hell out of my slaves!! as it should be :)
there is about 800 more left to add so check back later tonight. I started going alittle fuzzy eyed so I'm stopping for the moment so I do them right. I know how much you slaves love all my stuff.
ok this weekend we are going to have some fun since next weekend we will be with our families and etc for thanksgiving..
let the fun begin!!
! evil laughs !
oh and my longgggggg time atleast 15 yrs or more foot slave petey is back...
can't wait until you come here so we can go shoe shopping during the holidays :)
anthongy and dalelina
you whores are in trouble
get your ass's in my pm box now & wait for my response.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ice Queen Madison

tis cold outside as my heart....
my phone is on tonight..
my dirtylilslut is amusing me tonight.. he has been such a good bitch!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

GO BUCKEYES!! - HOT Private SHOE SHOPPING - CAM - New Holiday Assignments Coming Soon!

I have several new and some of my personal classic from yrs past, Holiday assignments! I know how much you all enjoy them and how much I enjoy watching you completing them.. Sissy jeffonia's christmas carols for hookers and on 6 pm news back drop live window, will forever be one of my favorites.. I love the pics from that as well lol.. TIS THE Season To make Me laugh!

I will be releasing them starting Next Week.. Sipping the most wonderful vanilla & carmel coffee..loves my princess cup sissy got me today as well..Btw sissy I found the slip I told you I had for you. Peticoat attached. will look cute when you wear it with your sissy holiday outfit we got. dont forget you still need those stockings I sent you the link of.. make sure you have them by tuesday when we go to lunch.
Shopped most of Friday... New shoes MMMM...I do love shoes.. such a good shoe boi.. went nuts in nine west.that sales clerk loves us, shes locks the door while we are there private shopping! loves it!!! he's so good to his Mistress. he always tips her on top of her huge commission she makes off all the shoes we got..she smiles everytime! I totally love my new boots the cream pair and the black pair most. the fur ones are ok, just casual winter shoes for everyday wear comfortable. but the black ones and matching purse are my favorites that I got today..
I'll post pictures of them in his email 1st before releasing them here tomorrow after noon.
Doing some foot fetish cam right now on http://www.niteflirt.com/themeanladymadisonshow

I have lowered some of my lines so go check some are 99 cents or lower per min.
I have some openings today for screening. follow instructions send a request for an application.also a brief introduction and why I should consider you.
snaps my fingers for my bitches I already own.. crawl to Mistress Now. I have tasks and assignments for you!
Going to another concert in a couple weeks, can't wait! Keep those amazon gift certificates coming send to msmadisonsgarden@aol.com
I'd like to thank those who have been spamming my links, the boi's you have sent in my direction have been quite generous and amusing.



I also want these for the holidays!

Just put the amount of the one you are getting Me
on My rush card so I can order it... Pronto!







Should only be the finest in MY CABINET.
You will make sure of it!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Meow! Showing My Claws - Go Buckeyes - Snaps My FINGERS

Showing My Claws! Some nail art for My Beloved Buckeyes !! I hope they stomp some ass this weekend. red white black n grey with rhinestones ON my toes too... you can beg to see my toes. I took lots of new pictures.
Beckaslut- tis time!!
Anthongywhore- snaps my fingers contact me on yahoo pronto!
sissytrix- i cant wait to go shopping with you this weekend.. dont forget to wear some comfortable flats for our power shopping outting.
Shoe bitch- get to getting the shoes I want and the new boots I added to my amazon wishlist.
spankinghog- i will over thursday to make it hurt some more lol.. and yes I am evil!! ha ha
I know it might have been hard contacting me past couple days always try me via email i check that often msmadisonsgarden@aol.com
I have been busy doing some real time the past week.. my arm is sore from dishing out an ass blistering! I love it when they contact me days later loving the fact they cant forget me cuz they are having issues sitting with that well beaten ass I left em with LOL.... my legs are rock hard and sore from the trample-a-thon i gave my loyal G this morning during his lunch break.. I love stomping all over that rug.
MY phone is on Get on your knees and start dialing!!http://www.niteflirt.com/themeanladymadisonshow
REquest an application via my email.
you only get one chance to complete it.
READY,.,,, SET.... GO!

Monday, November 8, 2010

New Pictures - Humiliation Monday

chilling in my jammies uploading new sexy stuff from over the weekend.

99 cents 2 pictures of Ms Madison
taken 11-07-2010
when she sees your tiny cock LOL

send all amazon gift certificates to msmadisonsgarden@aol.com

Friday, November 5, 2010

Dishing out Humiliation - MISTRESS Teases & Denies you on WEBCAM - Seduction Weekend

Fu*kStick Friday! I'm in the mood to destroy some egos and knock some male bitches in their place. Enjoying My Friday Nite on webcam. If you have made yourself USEFUL to me then you will get to View! I updated my wishlist get to getting the things Mistress wants! Now ! http://amzn.com/w/2BRRZOPQVYIYS I will be watching webcams this weekend and doing webcam, phone, realtime, online and making new videos. My Videos are now back on http://www.niteflirt.com/themeanladymadisonshow