Sunday, January 31, 2010

Slapping Fools Around

Last night in the insult room I had My Sissy michelle come in all slutty'd up in her tramp wear and get on cam and blow kisses to 2 assholios in the room that ride my clit..
made her name her toys and show how she was gonna fuck em for me lol and wrote how much she loved em and their cocks on her body ,,, and spats lol threw her out lol can you believe how butt hurt people can be?
this morning slick who wanted to take me nessa and nancy on vacation thought he was gonna bash me but it didnt work lol he was seen for the liar that he was being... amazing how easy it still is to make monkeys dance.
slapping fools around lol... them getting mad cuz my sissy does what ever I tell her to do lol... oh and since spats claimed to be sending me expensive wine at xmas time when he was trying to sex pest me up and DIDNT LOL Michelle paid me for the wine and then thanked spats for being a pathetic broke ass loser and making it to where michelle could send me even more $ lollllllllllll... next time my sluts on im bringing her back there and making her pay me for slicks bs.. some losers never learn... you have no idea who you are dealing with...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

This weekend is gonna be KINKY!!

Hello Bitches!! Mistress has been busy most of the week but my weekend is pretty open this weekend. so email me to arrange a time to serve me . my email info is on right side of this forum be sure to read it and just not look at my pictures and nothing else then come asking me stupid questions that annoy me and turn me off..


I hope my other shirts and things come later today I cant wait to take some more new pictures.

To the little pest buzzing in my pm box constantly saying " I'll do anything to serve you Mistress " well DUMBASS there is plenty of options for you to serve me listed on this blog. stop being a lazy broke ass bitch.. IM ALLERGIC TO BROKE LOSERS. I get HIVES. SO either serve or fuck off already!

I'm feeling extra Sadistic and wanting to inflict some suffering and pain and oh will I . I also enjoy teasing and denial UNTIL your balls are purple and your screaming for mercy..

I have a goal this weekend to get what I want & Yes Mistress is a GREEDY Bitch who wants it ALL!! . I know some of you sluts are getting your Tax Refunds & PAYCHECKS , guess where you are sending it? YES THAT RIGHT to ME!

you WILL put it on My Rushcard. Here are instructions on how to do so.

Most Discreet way to send tribute and Mistress prefers Most.I dont see your info you dont see mine. it's $3.95 at any money gram location for the fee. GO HERE FOR MoneyGram EXPRESS PAY, Find a location that does express bill pay for rushcard or recieve code 2495

drive there take cash to the customer service counter!fill out a moneygram express payment form.put this information on the form to be sure that i recieve it Instantly.

You put this below on the form!!!

moneygram express payment send to info :

recieve code: 2495

city code: new york, new york

company: rush card

account number:4227971135700145

I'm not kidding either.. Don't try to hide or weasel your way outta doing as told..

I'm in Control NOT you! You will submit and comply!

So who is taken me to lunch and getting to maybe spend some of the day with me?


I got my pedicure a day early.. they needed it i was so sick of the white polish with pink hearts.

Still planning a special valentines gift for my best slave... thats the slave who does everything slavely possible to MAKE ME HAPPY..

IS the super bowl this weekend? GOSH I hope NOT.. TIRED OF FOOTBALL...

Only thing good about it is groin kicking a slave when they do field goals and the food. the rest is snoresville... sorry but Only team that matters to me is Ohio State & Yankees.

My Phone is on totally revamped and new look... go see I have some special rates for this weekend so you can speak to me.

there shouldnt be any excuses.. GOT IT ANTHONGY ?

My fortune Cookie at dinner says "An Unexpected Event will bring you Riches " So Bring it im ready to get my spring clothes and go nuts in the mall.. hasnt very much since xmas. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!! thank goodness for amazon gift certificates sent to me via email..

keep them coming.. I'm still getting my office done If you slaves would go to my wishlist on amazon you can surprise me with gifts to decorate with there. once im satisified im gonna be doing live stream webcam from my office with 3 camera angles.. and yes losers one is under my new desk! Mistress will have cream pies saturday morning for her loyal cucks. i have more recipes for your sissy diets too.. email me for those.

there are 3 slaves on the will be DISMISSED list if I dont see some $ FINES paid asap.. I'M not kidding either.. DONT TEST ME IT WILL BE PERMANENT AND YOU WONT EVER BE ALLOWED BACK EVER!

I want to trample someone too... Maybe Gary will be intown if not WHO IS GONNA BE MY RUG?

also if you are interested in multidomina shopping parties or Double Domina sessions ask via email sluts!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mind Fuck Monday

Hello My Bitches!
Mistress was up late last night spending my sissy michelle's cashy on new shirts. bought 5 really sexy ones that should be here this week. I will be taking some pictures in them so you can see of course like I always do. seeing today how packed us mistresses can get the room on paltalk today here is a link come join us! it's free to get an account if you dont already have one.. has excellent webcam and voice in the rooms. it gets pretty intense in there sometimes since it is an adult room.
about to shower and dress then do some cam.. today seems pretty busy.. sluts are at work away from their wives lol... sneaky bastages! meeting a new slave at 6pm for coffee and screening. I hope hes not disappointing the one i met yesterday didnt even get 10 mins i knew right away we wasnt compatable and he wasnt really submissive. i dont like switches.. unless its ones off a tree and im hitting you with it.
My rushcard needs to see your cash being applied to it. I HAVE a bill you can take care of for me.
thats what good slaves do you know.. make life easier for their Mistress.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


My new shoes arrived finally.. been wondering where i was? well
seems somehow i had caught the worm.win32.netsky virus and it totally destroyed my harddrive. well I got a new and even better one so IM BACK!
Get to serving !
Look for more updating tonight and tomorrow since its the weekend. I have tons of new pics and videos. been very busy doing real time.
go make yourself useful..

Friday, January 8, 2010


BBBRRRR -- but it's sure made a AWESOME picture !!

You want to lick them & Warm them up Dontcha?

I have been super busy the past couple days.

Lots of New Projects in the works and also screening new potential slaves.

Revamping some of my sites & releasing new pictures + 4 new videos.

I want to see some new clothes bought off my wishlist and shoes.. plus some gift cards that I placed on there as well.. I'm Going on Vacation soon to a Hot Beach Resort with 2 other Mistresses.. We are sorting out the details and getting our passports now.. Someone with a HUGE wallet is taken all of us.. He is going to be in Heaven with us there. Thinking we might a chamber maid to accompany us for dressing and cleaning and this and that. You know how demanding women can be.. times that by 10 lol...

I will be on the phone and web cam alot this weekend since there is so much snow..

so be worthy to serve & view