Monday, January 25, 2010

Mind Fuck Monday

Hello My Bitches!
Mistress was up late last night spending my sissy michelle's cashy on new shirts. bought 5 really sexy ones that should be here this week. I will be taking some pictures in them so you can see of course like I always do. seeing today how packed us mistresses can get the room on paltalk today here is a link come join us! it's free to get an account if you dont already have one.. has excellent webcam and voice in the rooms. it gets pretty intense in there sometimes since it is an adult room.
about to shower and dress then do some cam.. today seems pretty busy.. sluts are at work away from their wives lol... sneaky bastages! meeting a new slave at 6pm for coffee and screening. I hope hes not disappointing the one i met yesterday didnt even get 10 mins i knew right away we wasnt compatable and he wasnt really submissive. i dont like switches.. unless its ones off a tree and im hitting you with it.
My rushcard needs to see your cash being applied to it. I HAVE a bill you can take care of for me.
thats what good slaves do you know.. make life easier for their Mistress.

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