Monday, July 20, 2015

Nude Corset Hose Seduction - Summer Time Servitude - Double Domme RT Sessions - BBC Lovers Dream & New Foot Clip

Hello Minions..

   Mistress has been very busy with her Real Time Loyals...
A nice little slave sent Mistress those hose off my wish list..
I totally Love them..
Summer time is perfect time to serve & adore your Superior.
Lots of functions to also to attend with me.
Looking for a couple new sub/slv males for a few positions I have just recently opened.

Skype is also fun :) email requesting My Id
are you following me on twitter? you really should be..
Lots of currently updates of what Mistress is doing through out her day are posted there.

I do screen my potential inquirers.
Very selective on whom I accept to Serve Me.
Email Requesting my application.

Pin Up & Old Hollywood Glam are some of my favorite styles & clothing eras.
I totally love the roaring 1920's.
So Fem.. Classy & Regal.

My nails are getting so long that I'm having difficulty typing lol. Long Dark Red.
All of the rain we have received over the last month has made my garden grow beautifully,
Can't wait to harvest time.. FALL my favorite season.
Boots & Leather is best worn in the fall..
Added lots of fall items to my wishy lists.. hinty :)

I have been training Goddess Jayna  who is local to me.
Busty Petite Sensual Domina..
We session nicely together as a team with Me of course being the Sadistic Bitch. Traveling is also available as well.. email for details & booking info.

I was approached to appear on a New FinDom Talk Show.. be looking for that coming soon!

If there are any topics or questions pertaining to aspects of My Experiences as a Pro Domina since 1990 you would like to ask, send a email.

Lexy Mistress Adores you & Misses my pretty sissy.. Contact Me ASAP

Recently ran into a slave from the past from yahoo's old user Moneyslave4Mistresses room.
My burka Bitch Iraq stationed slut lol.. Some of you might remember those pix.
Learned he has published a new book based on a slaves point of view.
Very impressed.. Bravo Burka bitch!

Most also know I have 2 BBC's Boyfriends. One who is on webcam with me a lot, teasing you sluts into a spending frenzy. The other is in prison (ask how you can put something on his books). They have a wish list as well & enjoy being spoiled with cash gifts. I also have lots of videos and pictures for you to enjoy.

Yes My Life is Fabulous :)
You exist to Make it even Better.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Losing your Independence

It's that time of year again when you surrender your Independence to Me..
You may do so in ways such as liberating yourself from all your money by sending it all to me in gifts & cash. You can surrender on twitter declaring your admiration and devotion, letting the world know who your owner and leader is. By locking yourself in chastity giving Me the key.. and so on and so on.. Maybe just some amusing pix or a session over the Holiday.
I also now have included KIK, SKYPE, and Instagram to My many ways to stay in contact with me and also see any new things I post. I also changed out new pix on my main website. Don't hurt yourself running to drool over those..

email ready to surrender