Friday, October 26, 2012

Tricks n Treats - Kiss My Mistress Ass - Fuck'n Losers Up - New Pix

   Happy Halloween 

Hello sluts,
  Mistress is so ready for this weekend of sheer pain & pleasure..
I'm in a good mood so don't even think about fucking it up.
Ready to ALLOW you to worship me completely from head to toe.
Ready to give you the Most Intense Fetish/BDSM session of your Life Time.
Ready to spank your naughty bottom, ready to view you following instructions
 I'm dishing out to you on your webcam.

Ready for you to drool and beg to be allowed to jerk to ME LIVE ON WEBCAM!
Ready to turn on my NiteFlirt phone lines and Humiliation you or listen to you
 Confess your deepest darkest Sins!
I'M ready to take all of your cash and blow it on whatever my lil cold heart desires.. lol...
But are you Ready? Do you know your place? Are you worthy to be Owned by ME??
Surrendering if the 1st step to your New Life as My Slave!!

            I want amazon gift certificates sent to:

And when I'm pleased you might get to KISS MY MISTRESS ASS...

Request My Application to Serve Me by emailing

Monday, October 15, 2012

This is you!!! Isn't It? Humiliation Junkies & Female Supremacy

Worthless whores... HA HA ....
You know I'm Right...Time to Suffer!!!
It's Monday, a New Week to Worship & Spoil Me. 
I made Lexy Sissy buy all male barbie dolls and play with em all weekend...
LOL picture is how Lexy Dressed one of them to make me Laugh ooooo And Laugh I did!!
I love entertaining, amusing, & generous slaves for my amusement.. especially Long time Loyals.
How are you going to Amuse Mistress?????

Women Rule & Men Drool, while doing as Told!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

GO BUCKEYES !!!! Mistress is Feeling Generous

      Mistress loves her Ohio State Buckeyes!!
 So much so today is Pay n Jerk Day...
Lucky You if you are a Buckeye Fan Slave as Well..
(pay even if you're not a fan)
Fill up my hands, Place gift at my Feet, and get to filling up
 my accounts with cash I'm taking from you.
 Send amazon gift certificates to

Tribute 1st
No Jerking Until You Pay Me 


Monday, October 1, 2012

My Interview in KinkE Magazine + October Fetish & Haunted Dungeon + Happy Bday GIRLLLL!!!!

Hello My lil Zombies....

 The magazine interview is here KINKE MAGAZINE

Mistress made the cover.. it was alot of fun doing it.. totally enjoyed!

 Otherwise I have been super busy doing real time with some local slaves of mine. One of which got to take me & another Mistress friend of mine out to dinner at Red Lobster then it was time for boot shopping for the both of us.. after going to many stores and stopping in bath and body works and picking up some Cashmere Glow body spray and body wash, we finally found some boots. I will release pics of them tonight so be looking for them to drool all over.. Totally going back for the spike heels and the blingy chuck Taylor's. I loved them!

Tonight and Tomorrow in the daytime
I will have MY NiteFlirt on and my web cam also.
 message me on aol, yahoo, or paltalk
 or email:
 send amazon gift certificate's to that email as well
or make yourself useful to get my attention on MY WISHLIST
I have a couple real time openings so be sure to contact me via email requesting info.

I wear lots of leather, latex and boots in October.... I love this time of year.. the leaves are so beautiful. and HAUNTED TIMES OF THE HALLOWEEN MONTH! Dungeon is dark and creepy... evil laughs.

It's also Princess Nessa my GIRLLLLLL's Birthday!!!
(totally loves her you will see a pic of us together on vacation photo in other posts on my blog)
 Go send her a gift from me to her like good slaves would do!!! here is her site link
Chop Chop Bitches it's gifting Time!! let her know I made you!!

I'm in a Sadistic mood  & Ready to Inflict some sweet pain to you and your wallet!
Get to crawling to my feet ready to serve!

Oh and riverdancer sissy was sent to victorias secret today on a panty shopping spree.
can't wait to hear a full report lol
Ands snaps my fingers for beckaslut...  stop dilly dallying....