Friday, October 26, 2012

Tricks n Treats - Kiss My Mistress Ass - Fuck'n Losers Up - New Pix

   Happy Halloween 

Hello sluts,
  Mistress is so ready for this weekend of sheer pain & pleasure..
I'm in a good mood so don't even think about fucking it up.
Ready to ALLOW you to worship me completely from head to toe.
Ready to give you the Most Intense Fetish/BDSM session of your Life Time.
Ready to spank your naughty bottom, ready to view you following instructions
 I'm dishing out to you on your webcam.

Ready for you to drool and beg to be allowed to jerk to ME LIVE ON WEBCAM!
Ready to turn on my NiteFlirt phone lines and Humiliation you or listen to you
 Confess your deepest darkest Sins!
I'M ready to take all of your cash and blow it on whatever my lil cold heart desires.. lol...
But are you Ready? Do you know your place? Are you worthy to be Owned by ME??
Surrendering if the 1st step to your New Life as My Slave!!

            I want amazon gift certificates sent to:

And when I'm pleased you might get to KISS MY MISTRESS ASS...

Request My Application to Serve Me by emailing

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