Sunday, May 24, 2009

Use My Sissy Slut Michelle

Hello Pervs... Finally Mistress is getting some action and serving from your worthless losers tonight... freaks do come out at night dont they!

I'm pimping out my sissy tonight on the phone & cam, she so loves to be used.. do use the dirty slut hard!
shes got her toys with her right now laying on her bed with her cam on.

Mistress's long time sissy slut Michelle is taking phone calls and doing dirty whore cam shows be sure to call My bitch right now

here are 2 pictures of my sissy michelle

Making your Mouth Water



Omg it's so hot outside. I have dove in pool couple different times trying to cool off.. Im so glad they took that disclaimer off my site as soon as they realized I wasnt a ROBOT LOL.

Nice little toe slave sent me a tribute earlier, such a good boi.. and my sweet michelle sent me a gift certificate. trying to decide what I want from the place its for.. maybe some new panties or a cute bathing suit wrap for the pool party im going to on 30th.

I had some issues with my new neighbors today, they fought all night I heard em yelling at 4 am, well at 11 am i get a knock on my door asking me to let my dog inside cuz they couldnt sleep, i said well if you didnt agrue all night maybe you could get some sleep. and slammed my door shut, so then i blasted slayer and pantera for hours loud as my stereo would go lol.... yes i know im a bitch... they better check themselves. i bet they last a month before they move.. if they are lucky.

met with my trampling tard earlier and walked all over him early today. took out my being annoyed by the neighbors out on him, he loved it lol... i bet he's sore but happy..

someone needs to get to amusing me online now since its looking like its gonna storm.

get to calling me

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I WILL BE GLAD when they take this stupid block thingy off me... I'M SO NOT A ROBOT OR SPAM BOT LOL.. MAKES ME LAUGH.. UNTIL THEN GO TO MY OTHER BLOG

Friday, May 22, 2009

seriously??? got to be kidding

Geez Louise.
I woke up from a nap to see someones trying to say im a robot or something lol wtf... im thinking my stalker is up to the same effin shit as always.. someone needs to get a life and stop sweating everything I do. I have done what the site asked to make sure im not a damn robot.. rolls my eyes. I repeat im not a robot. im a real live person.


Mistress wants one right now..
Get to making yourself useful..

Memorial Weekend FUN

Memorial Holiday Weekend is finally here.. time to start summer training. You can Email Me at to ask about My Summer School for wayward sluts. I also travel alot durning the summer. Maybe you will get a chance to Meet with ME. Looking for a couple new worthy slaves to take to a few upcoming parties I'm Attending.

Taking lots of new pictures this weekend and web cam shows... My Phone is on as well.. If you really want my attention you will get to either sending an email requesting a application to begin serving or calling me to chat & amuse Me. I can also do Double Domina Session R/T as well with a Black Mistress. We have a huge Private Play Space with lots of equipment as well..You can also call her for Phone sessions as well.

Hope everyone is going to have a nice BBQ this holiday weekend mmmm ribs & the pool relaxing getting a tan. Hopefully the weather is nice. In other news lol I have been going into alot of chat rooms on paltalk and yahoo and aol lately. This one room I go in Good Lordy has a person in it everyone slaps around & from what I can tell he loves the abuse they give him. It gets pretty intense.. It amazed me tho how he only ignores females and was loving the males bashing him, he wouldnt ignore them no matter what they said about him.. can you say BITCH BOI? I'm going in there now I'm sure they are slapping him around as I type this lol & I'M feeling mighty sadistic and cruel today I want some balls to cbt today, who is volunteering?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Twisting You to Fit My Needs

Mistress knows what you long for..
Humiliation from the Divine Lips of a GODDESS..Takes your pride and ego and reduces it to rubble, leavingYou in a pile of tears destroyed beyond repair.I will tell you exactly what I think about you.Nothing is off limits to My CRITICIZM.
Once you know exactly how you are perceived by othersyou will then know your place in the world around you.You have gotten a lil big for your britches and its time to get knocked down a few pegs to snap you back to reality. Your false sense of success and achievements in you life will be no more.
Do you have the guts to listen to the truth about yourself?

Since 1990 I have experienced many aspects of the lifestyle and fetishes as well.
Here are a few stories about different ones.

Trampling with my local loyal has been alot of fun over the last 14 yrs that I have known him.
He can withstand more than the average tramplee. since he loves pressure I have taken quite a few ladies with me to also enjoy him. one of them and I did piggyback trampling on him, where I would get on her back and we would trample him that way or hold hands to balance each other so we both could stand on him in a particular area of his body. I like looking down on him and seeing his face turning red...

Cross Dressing with my lexy who is my top slave and has been collared by me for almost 8 yrs now has grown so much since WE first met. she can now dress herself fully and look passable since I trained her in makeup and hair and proper clothing to show off her womanly features and to bring her out.

KeyHolding is something thats only bestowed on someone they trust. I have 8 keys currently. I want 20 at one time.. im greedy and like a challenge. Just today i collected my 8th, he shaved and put on his cb2000 and come to be begging me to take his key. i instructed him on cleaning and care and told him i wanted him to start a blog telling me his feelings and so I can keep track of his progress.

If you would like to hear more call me and we can chat or you can request more stories in emails.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This little tard buzzing Me on yahoo is gonna be blocked if he does it again.. you know who you are...

things I look for In My PUPPETS.

Being ATTENTIVE, Honest, showing DEVOTION, Gift givers, & Loyality. You can request an application via

The Search for My Hot Bathing suit

Bad subs Bad subs whatcha gonna do.... When your Mistress comes for you... singing... LOL... there is a few on my shit list tonight!!
I'm starting to think you like being there. Come Get your Punishments SUCKERS!!!
I do look really hot sucking on that sucker don't I ?? {bats my eyes}
Lots of new updates on my twitter today and I went to the track this morning and trampled gary for 2 hours lol.. My Legs ache bad, rock hard muscles.. I could crush your head between these thighs!
My Phone is on so far i've spoken to 3 sissies tonight, josey, you sure was amusing lol... I could tell you have practiced for Mistress. I did notice the improvement from the last time we talked. I'm totally in the mood to verbally destroy someone.. Call My Humiliation Line NOW you trick!
Mistress was making chocolate ;) cream pies this morning.... sounds heavenly dont it?
Get your little cucky mouthes watering.
C ??? I told ya KARMA WOULD get your ass LOL was an expensive lesson wasn't it LOL
OMG lol I can't stop laughing @ how you got yours LOLLLLLLLLL
RED SHOES.... hawtness!!
I'm wanting a cute punk rocker couture bathsuit. send me links of sexy ones.
Memorial Weekend is coming and I will be at a big BBQ & Pool party.. I wanna turn heads lol..
yes I know Mistress is such a TEASE!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Whata WIMP!

Why does it seem like the tards calling me all day have been wimps for real and can't even handle Humiliation, But keep calling My Line for it? LOL

You Do Realize My name isn't theNiceLadyMADISONshow Right? lol

Hell stay on the phone long enough for me to really get going on you LOL I'M wanting to do some TWISTED stuff to you.. Or maybe your getting off as soon as I say HELLO?

Freaking Phone Teaser!!

Just something that has been making me laugh today.. WUSSIES!!

Think You can Handle It? get to calling !! Let's see.

I love waking up to Surprise gifts being delivered.. I recieved a dozen of long stem red roses & an ediable fruit basket.. mmmm melon on it is yummy. thats was thoughtful and I enjoyed waking up to it. good boi!!

Golden Toe Ring

Kiss My Toe Ring... Foot Slaves!!

Sitting here wiggling my toes to the music I'm listening to while doing some updates.

I want a strong handed foot massage today and some new shoes. I went to DSW today and got some new flippy flops but I saw 3 pair of cute sandals today I want.. get to putting something on My Rush Card so Mistress can go back to get them. I'm pretty sure you can follow these simple instructions.

Most Discreet way to send tribute and Mistress prefers Most.I dont see your info you dont see mine.
go to walmarts the fee for sending at their customer service counter is $3.50it's $3.95 at any other money gram location for the fee.take cash to the customer service counter!fill out a moneygram express payment form.put this information on the form to be sure that i recieve it instantly.
You put this below on the form!!!
moneygram express payment send to info :

recieve code: 2495

city code: new york, new york

company: rush card

account number:4227971135700145

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Lots of black and dark red lately.... could be the hours im keeping lol... my phone is on be sure to call me to chat or so you can confess all those kinky thoughts you have. I'm thinking its time for a road trip. I might go visit sissy in nyc soon and do some summer shopping. he has invited me up, prolly will take another mistress with me. i love driving long distances but I do need someone to ride, to keep me amused. lol


Hot one day freezing the next, man is the weather messed up.woke up from a nap little bit ago, almost ripping my shirt from my niplets standing at attention from the freezing cold air and fan... needless to say they the windows are closed now.
ATTENTION TARDOS you do realize you are not the only subby talking with me correct?mistress likes variety, tis the spice of life. i turn down many pms and emails everyday. your place with me isnt something your entitled to. its earned. you are just my puppet for my amusement.
went looking for a new nose ring today, i want something different, i have the diamond stud & a gold hoop, pearl, garnet, im trying to find a pretty jade one. i fell in love with a gold neckless with jade on it and matching bracelet while i was out. might have to show someone who is eager to please locally. lol sposed to go shopping around noon in morning with sissy i met the other day to see if he was something i wanted serving me. so far so good. we are going to hit the mac counter and vicky's. the jewelry store is close by..
oh this mistress i know was getting death threats today from someone over seas, its so hard for them to get the ones overseas. it was totally nuts, she sent me the messages while waiting for the cops to show up at her house, trying to calm down. thats the down side from being a mistress or someone in the entertainment industry, people get all nutso on you. i hope he gets arrested, you shouldnt ever think you can get away with threatening someones life.rejection sucks i'm sure but deal with it geez. some take things to the extremes.
mmm, i want fluffed.. lol feeling frisky MEOW WRITing more once i've had more caffine

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Moods

update. lol i know you have been waiting .... chuckles.well ,,, i went hiking last weekend, was wonderful.. so pretty.. this weekend is sposed to be nice as well.. legs was killing me later that night. it felt like i had been trampling someone all day lol... flexes my sexy legs. maybe you will get lucky and ill toss you a pic..been trying to find something i want for past couple days on amazon.. i cant decide.. to big of selection or just nothing is catching my eye.. i totally wish a couple sites would add wishlist and gift certificate options.. hint hint.. give us more options to feed our shopping habits!! oh and if you leave a comment on my profile, dont put any nudes up in it, i will totally delete it. i love reading your comments just dont put any nude pics up.. ugh totally ugh..lots of people i havent talked to in a long time are coming online.. shocking who all finds you on here.. i really want a massage... maybe i should look at massage decided i want my own cartoon character again.. my last one was sexy.. lost her on a old computer thats now in computer heaven sniffles. i totally want joel to do it, hes so talented. love his work.. something hot and resembles me. his works so perfect it would prolly look like a photo of me he does such wonder details. adores him. hes on my friends list at the top if you want to go to his page and see his awesome talent for yourself. hopefully this is a really nice weekend. everyone have a safe one. i will post more later tonight.
wow my nails look a mess. I made my appointment for friday for my toes and nails. hopefully that will relax me enough that i can lose this freaking headache ive had for 2 straight days. i feel like im gonna od on tynenol sinus trying to get rid of it. ugh!! prolly is the weather. i did make a new video of me and my love affair addiction with lip gloss.. juicy full lips.. mmmmMy packages better arrive tomorrow... sigh,, i hate waiting on anything.there really are some unstable people on the net as well.. right now in a room im in there is some weirdo holding a gun on cam drunk as hell gonna end up shooting himself. whats the point really of holding a gun to your cam lolllllllll... coo coo for cocoa puffs!!I made some new recordings they are here I have been doing cam from around midnight until 3 am all this week.. showing off some pretty things some good bois sent me from my amazon wishlist. I do love surprises.Totally cant get this song outta my head ...
" When you walked through the door It was clear to me (clear to me) You’re the one they adore, who they came to see (who they came to see) You’re a … rock star (baby) Everybody wants you (everybody wants you) Player… Who can really blame you (who can really blame you) Were the ones who made you "...
sways to it playing in my head lol...i'm watching alot of sposed subs trying to provoke some humiliation out of me in random pms.. its truly pathetic and i click it on ignore instantly. you are wasting your time even twitter is getting busy, lots following me. you can as well
you can also go to my wishlist and go crazy putting smiles on my face..
I also have been watching the news and saw the lady they did the 1st face transplant on.. wow!!in the morning i will be running a few errands before meeting with someone new screening them to see if they are someone i wish to allow to serve me.. hopefully things go good for him.. i met a real loser yesterday. he didnt meet my standards in a slave and he totally lied about how he looked. i think his pic he sent to me before we met was from atleast 20 yrs ago.. lol.. please if you wish to meet me make sure your picture is current going to soak in a hot bubble bath and try to lose the headache...muahz and kicks,~Ms. Maddy~


Wow it got really hot outside today, I laid out and got some tan lines , & then jumped in my ice cold pool thats filling up lol... I noticed the Helicopter spending alot of time over my area today lol... think he was perv'n?? I do lol... hot black bikini's will do that.
Geez I forgot how many places I'm Listed all over the net, I totally forgot all about my tons of google groups and ones I'm in others made. Didn't even remember these blogs. lol... I'm glad i got to looking thru some of my folders last night.. Now you can enjoy my entries :)
I got some New Lip Gloss today its " watermelon shine " its pretty and sheer not sticky but glossy and shiney, my lips stand out alot. I keep applying it, might make a new lip gloss addiction video tonight, but you do need to beg,,, beg alot.. you lazy asses need to step it up.


NEW Money Slavery Recording

NEW Your Wife is My Whore Recording

New Belittlement of you Recording

Belittle you 4 My Amusement - Miss Sadistic America

Humilliation Line $1.99 min

Foot Fetish $1.99 min - trampling - hose- heels - toes - boots

Confess all your Dirty Sins to Mistress Superior Madison

$.75 min

Your Only Good for MONEY Line $4.99 min

Sissy TRANSFORMATION Center $1.99 Min

LadyMadison's VIDEOS & CAM LINE

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Black n Dark Red Hawtness

Tight Black Bra & DARK Red Button DOWN Blouse... va va va voom!!I even said it to myself when I looked in the mirror while dressing lol... yes I'M SO VAIN.. And EVERYTHING is Always About phone is on
Had a nice day, was beautiful outside. Finished some Gardening.Enjoyed the sun & did some shopping for a partying I'm attending early saturday.Speaking of parties I saw thats Rocknrolla's party is gonna be HUGE BASH, pig roast, strippers, mud wrestling and etc.. I was reading thats so many are going that he's had to find a bigger venue lol...ROLLA-POLOUSA 2009im going of course hes so sexy!!
Getting My Hair done tomorrow... Hot Gothic is my mood.. something dark and classic..I will be on cam & phone all day tomorrow.
People need to check with me before setting concert dates lol.. so they dont happen on days I have plans already.. this keeps happening and sucks alot!!
Im in the mood to go nuts on my wishlist. There are a couple really cute tops and shoes I want on mine. Im shocked noones bought them for Me yet. they love to see my cam , pictures, or videos so you have to keep me in supply of means to go on my incrediable shopping sprees.NEW THINGS = NEW THINGS FOR YOU TO DROOL OVER.'M liking the comments lately on my blog, I can see someone can read ! lol
This weekend will be rocking.... get your things in order to make it bangin~