Friday, May 15, 2009


Wow it got really hot outside today, I laid out and got some tan lines , & then jumped in my ice cold pool thats filling up lol... I noticed the Helicopter spending alot of time over my area today lol... think he was perv'n?? I do lol... hot black bikini's will do that.
Geez I forgot how many places I'm Listed all over the net, I totally forgot all about my tons of google groups and ones I'm in others made. Didn't even remember these blogs. lol... I'm glad i got to looking thru some of my folders last night.. Now you can enjoy my entries :)
I got some New Lip Gloss today its " watermelon shine " its pretty and sheer not sticky but glossy and shiney, my lips stand out alot. I keep applying it, might make a new lip gloss addiction video tonight, but you do need to beg,,, beg alot.. you lazy asses need to step it up.

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