Thursday, May 21, 2009

Twisting You to Fit My Needs

Mistress knows what you long for..
Humiliation from the Divine Lips of a GODDESS..Takes your pride and ego and reduces it to rubble, leavingYou in a pile of tears destroyed beyond repair.I will tell you exactly what I think about you.Nothing is off limits to My CRITICIZM.
Once you know exactly how you are perceived by othersyou will then know your place in the world around you.You have gotten a lil big for your britches and its time to get knocked down a few pegs to snap you back to reality. Your false sense of success and achievements in you life will be no more.
Do you have the guts to listen to the truth about yourself?

Since 1990 I have experienced many aspects of the lifestyle and fetishes as well.
Here are a few stories about different ones.

Trampling with my local loyal has been alot of fun over the last 14 yrs that I have known him.
He can withstand more than the average tramplee. since he loves pressure I have taken quite a few ladies with me to also enjoy him. one of them and I did piggyback trampling on him, where I would get on her back and we would trample him that way or hold hands to balance each other so we both could stand on him in a particular area of his body. I like looking down on him and seeing his face turning red...

Cross Dressing with my lexy who is my top slave and has been collared by me for almost 8 yrs now has grown so much since WE first met. she can now dress herself fully and look passable since I trained her in makeup and hair and proper clothing to show off her womanly features and to bring her out.

KeyHolding is something thats only bestowed on someone they trust. I have 8 keys currently. I want 20 at one time.. im greedy and like a challenge. Just today i collected my 8th, he shaved and put on his cb2000 and come to be begging me to take his key. i instructed him on cleaning and care and told him i wanted him to start a blog telling me his feelings and so I can keep track of his progress.

If you would like to hear more call me and we can chat or you can request more stories in emails.

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