Friday, May 15, 2009

My Moods

update. lol i know you have been waiting .... chuckles.well ,,, i went hiking last weekend, was wonderful.. so pretty.. this weekend is sposed to be nice as well.. legs was killing me later that night. it felt like i had been trampling someone all day lol... flexes my sexy legs. maybe you will get lucky and ill toss you a pic..been trying to find something i want for past couple days on amazon.. i cant decide.. to big of selection or just nothing is catching my eye.. i totally wish a couple sites would add wishlist and gift certificate options.. hint hint.. give us more options to feed our shopping habits!! oh and if you leave a comment on my profile, dont put any nudes up in it, i will totally delete it. i love reading your comments just dont put any nude pics up.. ugh totally ugh..lots of people i havent talked to in a long time are coming online.. shocking who all finds you on here.. i really want a massage... maybe i should look at massage decided i want my own cartoon character again.. my last one was sexy.. lost her on a old computer thats now in computer heaven sniffles. i totally want joel to do it, hes so talented. love his work.. something hot and resembles me. his works so perfect it would prolly look like a photo of me he does such wonder details. adores him. hes on my friends list at the top if you want to go to his page and see his awesome talent for yourself. hopefully this is a really nice weekend. everyone have a safe one. i will post more later tonight.
wow my nails look a mess. I made my appointment for friday for my toes and nails. hopefully that will relax me enough that i can lose this freaking headache ive had for 2 straight days. i feel like im gonna od on tynenol sinus trying to get rid of it. ugh!! prolly is the weather. i did make a new video of me and my love affair addiction with lip gloss.. juicy full lips.. mmmmMy packages better arrive tomorrow... sigh,, i hate waiting on anything.there really are some unstable people on the net as well.. right now in a room im in there is some weirdo holding a gun on cam drunk as hell gonna end up shooting himself. whats the point really of holding a gun to your cam lolllllllll... coo coo for cocoa puffs!!I made some new recordings they are here I have been doing cam from around midnight until 3 am all this week.. showing off some pretty things some good bois sent me from my amazon wishlist. I do love surprises.Totally cant get this song outta my head ...
" When you walked through the door It was clear to me (clear to me) You’re the one they adore, who they came to see (who they came to see) You’re a … rock star (baby) Everybody wants you (everybody wants you) Player… Who can really blame you (who can really blame you) Were the ones who made you "...
sways to it playing in my head lol...i'm watching alot of sposed subs trying to provoke some humiliation out of me in random pms.. its truly pathetic and i click it on ignore instantly. you are wasting your time even twitter is getting busy, lots following me. you can as well
you can also go to my wishlist and go crazy putting smiles on my face..
I also have been watching the news and saw the lady they did the 1st face transplant on.. wow!!in the morning i will be running a few errands before meeting with someone new screening them to see if they are someone i wish to allow to serve me.. hopefully things go good for him.. i met a real loser yesterday. he didnt meet my standards in a slave and he totally lied about how he looked. i think his pic he sent to me before we met was from atleast 20 yrs ago.. lol.. please if you wish to meet me make sure your picture is current going to soak in a hot bubble bath and try to lose the headache...muahz and kicks,~Ms. Maddy~

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