Sunday, January 22, 2012



Custom Videos & Do you have what it takes?

Hello Sluts,

Yes, I'm Questioning your limits again... Pushing you to produce the Best for ME!!
(plus its hysterical)

You Losers have until Feb 14th to tribute as much as you can. I will be keeping track. One who tributes the Most gets a Honorable Mentioning on My Blog.

Lets see how resourceful you are to obtain My Top Loser of Love & Devotion..

In case you need some ideas:
get your taxes done and send me your return. sale or pawn items you have.. sell plasma.... shovel snow...close out your 401... cash in some stocks n bonds... I'm sure you get the idea.

New Pictures and 4 new videos will be released this week so keep checking back..
If you want a custom fetish video where I'm talking directly to you personally... email me

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Warming Up Cold Wind Heavy Snow with Hot Fetish Phone

BRRRRR temps dropped quickly and heavy snow is falling.. I love it it's pretty BUT the strong winds are worrying Me... Praying hard I don't lose power.
Sipping Hot cocoa and chatting online with slaves and enjoying a night in out the cold with some HOT PHONE FETISH!

So get to calling sluts!


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The picture as you see was taken several days ago.... I thought you would enjoy it just the same.. I'm such a generous Mistress.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

75 Cent Confessional - Princess Tax Return Splurge

Get to calling Right Now!
I won't tell a soul!

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Hey Sluts.. hurry up and get your taxes done Time to Hand it Over to Me so I can Shop Shop SHOP!

Looking for

Email Me Enquirer via email
subject : please take my tax return

or message me on one of my messenger Id's:
Aol: msmadisonsgarden
yahoo: glamorously_mean_lady_maddy
paltalk: themeanladymadisonshow

Becka slut... guess what time it is?

Doing lots of cam in the Dungeon9 chat room and privately as well...
HOT HOT STUFFERS!! I have been enjoying the real time slaves this week and the ones online entertaining us in the room come on in and chat, webcam, find a Long standing Elite Dominatrix to serve.

Get to my amazon wishlist and buy me some new clothes pronto ! I have a lot of concerts to attend in the new few months, Mistress has to look her best! you can send amazon and victoria secret gift certificates to

New pictures and videos being released in the next couple days... Beg for a sneak Peek.

Show me how much you adore Me....

Monday, January 2, 2012

You better be on your Knees - 2012 the year of Extreme Serving the Divine Goddess

Happy 2012 Bitches!

Whew Yet another year come and gone... welcoming in a brand new one... here is to 2012 being wonderful. I'm looking forward to all the time with my slaves and meeting new ones as well.

if you are new to my blog,, read!!

otherwise you slaves need to get the lead out.. Mistress is ready!

New assignments also ready..

New Pictures & videos as well by request