Sunday, January 22, 2012

Custom Videos & Do you have what it takes?

Hello Sluts,

Yes, I'm Questioning your limits again... Pushing you to produce the Best for ME!!
(plus its hysterical)

You Losers have until Feb 14th to tribute as much as you can. I will be keeping track. One who tributes the Most gets a Honorable Mentioning on My Blog.

Lets see how resourceful you are to obtain My Top Loser of Love & Devotion..

In case you need some ideas:
get your taxes done and send me your return. sale or pawn items you have.. sell plasma.... shovel snow...close out your 401... cash in some stocks n bonds... I'm sure you get the idea.

New Pictures and 4 new videos will be released this week so keep checking back..
If you want a custom fetish video where I'm talking directly to you personally... email me

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