Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mistress Got Her New Phone

Sally won the contest, got my phone I wanted for me. when you losers snooze you lose!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Windy Blows

My Favorite time of the year is here, but I'm totally not excited about the wind storm that is expected here in Ohio from now until Tuesday.

Remembers all the trees falling and power going out not so long ago when Ike blew thru creating a huge mess. Prays I don't lose power.

Go down to the next entry and read ,
whoever gets my phone for me gets
1 week of phone calls
from mistress everyday!

so go to My Wishlist and get it Now!!!

I will be announcing the winner!

I have been working on a couple new projects which I will releasing this week.
Hoping niteflirt is also back up fully and running.

I'm listed on http://pandemos.net/themeanladymadisonshow/

I'm growing increasingly disappointed in 3 slv/subs.

Get to showing me your worthy of your position with Me or fuck off.
Your tribute is due!

Another is thinking hes entitled to have my every waking minute
and when things don't go his way he pouts and claims its this or that.
Wow how Unslave like!
I was nice enough to even consider you
and now you think your topping from the bottom
and I'm gonna put up with the pouting and unslave like behavior?

Get that together or your OUTTA HERE.

The only person allowed to be selfish and complain is ME!

The needy and smothering shit is annoying and wont be tolerated.
A slave sacrifices to make sure his Mistress is happy, and doesn't whine & pout.

He's happy with anything his Mistress decides to do.

It's about her being happy, comfortable, pleased and entertained.

slaves are selfless and only purpose is to make the mistress happy.

I'm gonna remind you that I have lots of Slaves & Subs begging
for My Attention , Begging to serve ME.

I pick who I will allow to serve Me.


I'm a GODDESS !!

You work Hard to PLEASE Moi!

If you begin asking me "well what do i get for this?", or " are you going to do that?" and thinking your entitled your gonna get dropped so quick your heads gonna spin.

Things don't happen all in one day either.

If you want just a session then pay for one, they are hourly.
Get it and then goodbye until your next one.

AND TRYING TO TAKE UP MY TIME if all your concerned about is getting a session..

IF you think I'm gonna cater to you , find someone else.

It's not just only about serving when in scene.
It's all the time no matter what and how!!!

Every Waking Minute once your under my consideration,
you are serving and working however you can to best keep Me happy.

If I'm Happy you will get rewarded when and how I deem fit.

Never think your entitled!

If I'm not happy, I don't need you!

HELLO - you are just a lowly Slave!! did you forget?

Slaves have No Rights!

They do as told and thankful to be used.

The ones I have collared over the yrs,
are ones who don't whine,
happy with whatever I say no matter what it is.
they know if mistress is wanting to do something
to ASK how slave can make her Experience BETTER!!!

Mistress and her one of her female friends are going to shop at the mall and then do lunch. Slave should be asking if there is anything he can do... Mistress could say, go wash my car and fill it up before I go.

As a slave you are happy she had you wash the car and fill up her gas tank and that you was good for something!!!

Pouting will get you NOWHERE BUT IGNORED.

I'm frankly sick of repeating this..

so make sure you read this entry , I will not repeat myself again.

Friday, September 25, 2009

What Mistress Wants ...Slave GETS !!!!!

go here and get the phone at the top for me right now!!


or send me a amazon gift certificate/card to msmadisonsgarden@aol.com

i want it asap!
get to it!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sally's Day Of Pain

Sally getting her sissy nipples and prince albert piercing today.

by : Jared Anderson
Evolved body art

piercings & tattoo shop

1880 n high street
columbus, ohio
his cell 414-793-6033
shop 614-421-4444

highly recommend him for piercings!

sally got 2 teeth pulled, then 3 piercings and walked all over campus after.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Smelling My Flowers

Sally made yesterday really special!
sent some beautiful flowers!!
Spoiled Mistress on her rushcard, & took care of dinner... plus got me a new camera!!

meeting tomorrow
for her piercings/branding and dinner.

I added more to my wishlist! you slaves get to buying things off it to please me!

It's raining here in ohio today... good time for indoor sports..
you can contact me on yahoo at glamorously_mean_lady_maddy
or email me at msmadisonsgarden@aol.com if you wish to submit, that is if I deem you worthy.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Special DAY

I bet sissy sally has something special planned today!
she always makes me smile & shows Me how much I mean to her. here's to many many more anniversaries!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Subday Sunday - Groin Kick Football Field Goals

MMM Field Goal kicking a slave during a Foot Ball Game is HOT!!!
Raining out, just finished with dinner.
sissy sally sent Mistress a surprise to her rushcard this morning.. I had a smile on my face as soon as I woke up. that is how everyday should be started :)

I'm on yahoo today so you can message me there to get an online or real time session.

I found a bunch of radio show recordings again from yrs ago when alot of us dominas was on live on their perverted show. good times!
I added more things to my amazon wishlist. giving you more to choose from to send to me.
i marked things i want asap as highest. so make sure I get what I want.
I went earlier to pick up a custom made leather outfit the leather man made for me.
wearing it to the halloween party Mistress Diane is having here in columbus the last weekend of october. im excited about it getting closer to the old pumpkin show, loves going to get my jack o lanterns and all the yummy homemade goodies and scented candles. I want some more spiced pumpkin candles. they smell like your baking pies in your kitchen, loves that smell.
I have pulled some shoes im willing to sell to a worthy foot glutton. email me for those details and pics of the shoes. msmadisonsgarden@aol.com
http://chat.paltalk.com/g2/paltalk/1173564130 is a chat room ive opened for female supremacy & mistresses to come in and humiliate slaves in. you are welcome to come in the room. get a free paltalk account if you dont already have one. I love the webcams and voice in the rooms and its adult only.
And there is no limit on how many can get into the room.
no male admins ever in there either.
adding more things to the side of this site so keep refreshing and enjoying all the kinky things i post for your viewing pleasure.

oh btw the flowers died again, time to replace them!

Something Sweet

Giving you something sweet.
if you email me on here at
you will see the send mail link at top right corner.
I will give you free mins to call me with & also it will help if you are having issues adding funds to your niteflirt account to be able to make calls.
it will prompt you to add funds to your account, once we are on the call.
after your free mins are up.

Friday, September 18, 2009


It's Cream Pie Friday.

Attention Phone Sluts

You Slaves can still reach Me

sign into your Niteflirt account http://beta.niteflirt.com

Information about the site & customer service

other options


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Drainage DAY - SPOIL ME


Shopping makes time FLY BY

I just finished watermarking some more pics.
once niteflirt is back up tonight around 6 pmish im gonna upload them there. some are in my new corset and boots. So while i wait for that I want you to go send a gift certificate on amazon to msmadisonsgarden or go to my wishlist and buy something to keep me happy while i have to wait. MISTRESS HATES WAITING.


Anthongy get the cute black ankle boots for me and maybe you can lick the bottoms clean when I come over to your house to slap you about.


Sissy DAY

Sissy Sally is going to be busy tonight ... I have some plans for her once she gets done working, and does her task i gave her to do. so be shaved and bathed as soon as you get home from doing as told... and message me to let me know you've been a good sissy !

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Panty Hose n Toes

MMMM My sexy toes in Pantyhose!!

I have been busy with a lot of different things the past couple days.. Painted my new office again, someone said I change things around a lot, every time they come over its different lol...
I like variety.
I thought everyone knew that about me.

My new sneakers come that Sally sissy got me off my wishlist.. links on right side in "My Favorite Links".. I spent the other night adding new things i want for fall and for my Dungeon.
I had my nails shortened alittle at the nail salon today, I couldnt speed type they was just to long kept hitting wrong keys or getting stuck between the keys. was annoying. so now you know if something is annoying to me i cut it off. LOL I HAD them do my nails and toes to match in a really sexy dark chocolate burgundy color.. HAWT!!!

Anthongy its time to lay before me again... get to it!! looks at calender Becka your slutty ass is due as well... Mistress never forgets.. & Michelle I hope you have gotten that issue taken care of.

Since NITEFLIRT has been doing site updates Ive taken the time to get more advertising done.
Also have new pictures to release once the sites back up in the morning. I can't wait to see all the improvements to the site. EXCITED!!!
you might have noticed my buttons missing,
check back in the morning they will all be back and more!!!

im online just drop me a email msmadisonsgarden@aol.com

Monday, September 7, 2009

Brand New Stuff THIS WEEK

Going to be a WONDERFUL DAY

Check Out ClipartJungle.com for free clipart!

Happy Labor DAY

Last day of the pool & cookouts.
Doing a Little shopping too.
Maybe you will be lucky Enough to
get to see what I bought.

Getting somethings for Fall.
I look totally hot in earth tones.
go to the gift certificate section on my blog here.
and send me something showing me you want to
keep your Mistress looking Fabulous!
Ones who do will get special attention.

Trying to decide what color to paint my toes and nails.
Got a pedicure but told her not to polish them.
I enjoy doing my own nail art.
i do a way better job, and have
alot of different nail art polishes,
different color rhinestones, and reg polishes.

Lexy has been the only one to do a good of a job as I do.
I trained her well! Shes been with me for a long time.
She knows it takes time to get trained well, to serve a Mistress properly.
And she has grown into one of my best masterpeices!

When I 1st met her she couldnt even put a barrette
in my hair when I told her to, now shes better at doing hair, painting nails
and toes than most of the professionals I've seen.

shes quite a wonderful upstairs bedroom chamber maid now.

some of you sluts cant even get off cleaning tasks to be able to
serve Me in such a manner as Lexy is.

I'm in the mood to verbally berate a pathetic loser big time
so get to calling me now

email me at
requesting a application to serve

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cracking the WHIP



Mistress has been very busy building new things for you slaves to do to AMUSE ME...

Some of them have been added , look and see if you can spot the new things I just finished post on here.

I totally blew off a slave today that had upset me earlier in the week.... I had something important and personal to do..

That's what you get for thinking your special LOL

I want you to go open a buy now button for Mistress. I have a couple places I'm going to be advertising, and you are gonna pay for it.. building Mistress's Empire.
Doesn't Matter what amount just do it!!

Besides, I love surprises! I totally revamped alot of stuff. bringing out my fall collection, & some old classic fetish buttons. When I can get to the ones from further back in the past I will be posting them as well. so make sure you keep checking back here. You know you love reading my daily updates. also watching MY DAILY LIFE as a GODDESS so I made a cam line for it... I know you will be happy to watch ME... go FOLLOW Me on TWITTER as well.. I text alot of there :)

Today noonish I will be busy at a pool party/birthday party.
I should be finished around 4pm est.
When I return
I want to see you slaves
have been busy trying to get my attention.
write in your blogs
shower me with gifts
show me why I own you


Your Mistress,
~Ms Madison~

Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Labor Day WEEKEND

I hope everyone has a safe
and wonderful Labor Day weekend Holiday.

this does NOT mean slaves days off lol....
you males will work hard to please your MISTRESS

I was sooooo pissed off last night..
tired of sposed slaves trying to
talk smack and run the show ...

YOUR BS is getting you NO WHERE!
I DO NOT tolerate that crap at all...
after not Apologizing for your actions,
you ask if the Dungeon is Available for you?

Seriously have you lost your mind?


There are tons of others jumping at the chance to MEET ME...

So if I tell you some other arrangement,
which is your only option after your Behavior, GO with it if you truly want to SEE ME.
When you say " i guess another time "

It's up to ME when and where I see you..

Your lack of ass kissing and apologizing is NOT HELPING YOU.
You have gotten your way with other Mistresses but I'M NOT THE ONE!


Come get SOME - if you dare!

~Mistress Madison~
Phone is ON

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just Back From Cincy

Just got back
from spending the whole day with My Lexy CD.. Adores her,
shes been mine for a long time now.
I totally feel relaxed and has a huge smile on my face. She made the best steaks and salads tonight.
her servings skills
and table setting skills have greatly improved.
during dinner she gave me a gift, nice diamond earrings.
I'll take some pics. like i said I just got home from a 2 hour drive,
kicked my shoes off and updating this blog.

Have you other slaves missed me?
Hmmm I dont see any gifts
or emails telling me how much you adore your Mistress and Miss Her..


My Phone is ON

I'm yet to see my cartoon a slave is making for me.. HURRY UP.. I want to see it!
making some tea and listening to music and ready to hear from my online loyals!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Good slave laid his at my feet, where is yours?

All Loyals report and tribute your monthly dues to your MISTRESS NOW!!