Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just Back From Cincy

Just got back
from spending the whole day with My Lexy CD.. Adores her,
shes been mine for a long time now.
I totally feel relaxed and has a huge smile on my face. She made the best steaks and salads tonight.
her servings skills
and table setting skills have greatly improved.
during dinner she gave me a gift, nice diamond earrings.
I'll take some pics. like i said I just got home from a 2 hour drive,
kicked my shoes off and updating this blog.

Have you other slaves missed me?
Hmmm I dont see any gifts
or emails telling me how much you adore your Mistress and Miss Her..


My Phone is ON

I'm yet to see my cartoon a slave is making for me.. HURRY UP.. I want to see it!
making some tea and listening to music and ready to hear from my online loyals!

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