Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cracking the WHIP



Mistress has been very busy building new things for you slaves to do to AMUSE ME...

Some of them have been added , look and see if you can spot the new things I just finished post on here.

I totally blew off a slave today that had upset me earlier in the week.... I had something important and personal to do..

That's what you get for thinking your special LOL

I want you to go open a buy now button for Mistress. I have a couple places I'm going to be advertising, and you are gonna pay for it.. building Mistress's Empire.
Doesn't Matter what amount just do it!!

Besides, I love surprises! I totally revamped alot of stuff. bringing out my fall collection, & some old classic fetish buttons. When I can get to the ones from further back in the past I will be posting them as well. so make sure you keep checking back here. You know you love reading my daily updates. also watching MY DAILY LIFE as a GODDESS so I made a cam line for it... I know you will be happy to watch ME... go FOLLOW Me on TWITTER as well.. I text alot of there :)

Today noonish I will be busy at a pool party/birthday party.
I should be finished around 4pm est.
When I return
I want to see you slaves
have been busy trying to get my attention.
write in your blogs
shower me with gifts
show me why I own you


Your Mistress,
~Ms Madison~

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