Sunday, September 20, 2009

Subday Sunday - Groin Kick Football Field Goals

MMM Field Goal kicking a slave during a Foot Ball Game is HOT!!!
Raining out, just finished with dinner.
sissy sally sent Mistress a surprise to her rushcard this morning.. I had a smile on my face as soon as I woke up. that is how everyday should be started :)

I'm on yahoo today so you can message me there to get an online or real time session.

I found a bunch of radio show recordings again from yrs ago when alot of us dominas was on live on their perverted show. good times!
I added more things to my amazon wishlist. giving you more to choose from to send to me.
i marked things i want asap as highest. so make sure I get what I want.
I went earlier to pick up a custom made leather outfit the leather man made for me.
wearing it to the halloween party Mistress Diane is having here in columbus the last weekend of october. im excited about it getting closer to the old pumpkin show, loves going to get my jack o lanterns and all the yummy homemade goodies and scented candles. I want some more spiced pumpkin candles. they smell like your baking pies in your kitchen, loves that smell.
I have pulled some shoes im willing to sell to a worthy foot glutton. email me for those details and pics of the shoes. is a chat room ive opened for female supremacy & mistresses to come in and humiliate slaves in. you are welcome to come in the room. get a free paltalk account if you dont already have one. I love the webcams and voice in the rooms and its adult only.
And there is no limit on how many can get into the room.
no male admins ever in there either.
adding more things to the side of this site so keep refreshing and enjoying all the kinky things i post for your viewing pleasure.

oh btw the flowers died again, time to replace them!

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