Wednesday, August 10, 2011



Seduction begins...

Mistress's gifts arrived today!
Good Boi!

Keep those gifts coming.
Amazon Gift Certificates
are always loved!

My Phone is ON Click Here

New Nail & Toe Art 3 pic Set

Doing webcam with those I deem Fit & Worthy of the Privilege.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Devotion Time = Oh Yes You're Sooo Owned!

Such a good Sissy Moan-a-a-a! To the rest I snap My Fingers! changing out some things on my amazon wishlist currently. I want to see some amazon gift certificates sent to my email as well. Get to shopping! Doing nail art today on my nails and toes. takes Mistress along time to use all the colors and do it perfectly! Maybe I will allow you to watch on webcam... there will for sure be lots of pictures! Not going anywhere today, it's yucky outside and I can relax and be amused by you losers & good slaves online. I might even turn my phone lines on so check here NiteFlirt

I like watching your cam if you're cumming on your face or dressing pretty for me amongst other things. BE ENTERTAINING!!