Saturday, September 22, 2012

Leather & Boots - FALL !!!!! + Peep Show Teasery

 Finally Fall has fully arrived!! Windy cold + leaves falling...... Hell Yeah Break out the Leather & Boots!!!
New outdoor fall photoshoot coming soon video & pictures..
 I'm doing lots of cam and phone together sessions on MY NITEFLIRT
be sure to buy my cam id's before hand.  I enjoy being watched and watching and instructing you to do things to amuse me. while teasing you to no end LOL...
Picture above was taken 9-22-2012 as I watched a cam slave do some intense cbt for my amusement.
That could be you... if you apply yourself and lay a gift at my perfectly pedicure Princess toes.
I have added some new things for fall on My Wish List
get to ordering atleast one thing to please me or send a amazon gift certificate to
( send all gift certifcate/cards to that email address )
I want new shoes, sweaters, tops, panties, socks, hose, tights, & purses!
now get them ordered weak bitch
Cuckolds and Sissy whores will love tonights cam menu on Niteflirt lol
 so get to calling sluts! Or Miss out!!

~Mistress MADISON~

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sadistic Saturday & Quickly Advancing

Today and Tonight Mistress will be online. It's messy out after raining and chilly.. I'm wearing some fetish clothing on webcam on yahoo and paltalk be sure to not miss that. I feel like busting some balls... trampling some testicles and bitch slapping the shit outta some losers... Just what are you willing to do to suffer for me? I wanna laugh so make it exciting and hysterical. I want to max out a moneyslaves credit card and to see just how devoted you are to me. Give in slut..

Princess Nessa will be here near/on Halloween get to sending me amazon gift certificates to and filling my niteflirt up with your cash.. I want every dime you have.. We stay in the finest hotels, dine at the finest places and ride like Princesses that we are in Limos so Deposit $ now weak bitch! If you are a really lucky slave you will get to serve the both of us while shes here real time. I highly doubt you will earn such a privilege but you can try and show me... talk is cheap Get to Tributing!
I cleaned out my amazon wishlist and you are commanded to order atleast 1 thing from it. I do love recieving gifts from my loyal slaves and passing by admirers. I'm looking for a local foot slave

Saturday, September 1, 2012

High End Sufferage Labor Day Weekend Serve A Thon

Fall   My Favorite Season   
   Loves it                        Happy Labor Day

Mistress had a awesome fun filled summer 2012..    Keep those gifts coming bitches.. now fall is quickly approaching my favorite time of the yr..
I want some really cute fall things ordered off my wishlist .. Mistress has lots coming up in the next few months.. I will be taking alot of pictures and making public appearences.
If you are lucky maybe you will get to accompany Me.. I am doing lots of videos check my niteflirt phone domination, webcam.. very picky on real time sessions....
 and yes tribute is always required..
 you can request an application via my email address
you can also send all amazon gift certificates to that email addy as well..
I have so many throwing themselves at my feet..
 I can weed out undesireables and can be extremely selective..