Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year Training & Uncontrolable Devotion


Happy Holidays.... New Years Almost here.

Yet another Year to Worship Mistress Madison!!

I have decided to completely cut off a few people forever.. tis a shame but its for the best...

It's all about What Makes Me HAPPY!!

You thought you was special lol and you're just your typical waste of my time...
 Some of you did pretty well spoiling Me for Christmas
 others Not so good.. Beg for My forgiveness in my emails

You have So Fucked Up!!!

Still releasing new pictures of My PhotoShoot & uploading some new clips..
I like to keep you on the edge of your seat waiting.....
pleading ... begging.... until you're so weak you Surrender to my every command...

Going to see Clutch this weekend.. New pictures to Come.
Princess Vip Treatment of course! So Pampered & ADORED..

You do know Fleetwood Mac is in beginning of April for My Birthday & then Rock On the Range in May.
So you slaves can fight over who gets to handle some details of those Concerts for Mistress.. Beg for Chance to Please Me... Limos, Tickets, Tour Bus, Hotel, Shopping & Dining...
I want to do some realtime shopping sprees w/lunch and spa trip with a sissy or footslave once the snow has melted some.. yes we got lots of snow here in Ohio at the moment. It's so pretty outside But Mistress is staying in until this weekend and allowing you lucky submissive males to entertain Me and Spoil Me..

Lucky you...


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gift Collecting VIP Princess Time - Very Merry Christmas Photo Shoot Peek

Wanna Lick them Don'tcha?

I have your attention Now ha ha

Well Isn't Mistress Generous... 

Mistress went on a nice Professional Photo Shoot last night and had a wonderful time.......
Took well over 200 pictures.... I consider them Gifts from MISTRESS... Don't you?

Christmas is a Mandatory Gift Giving time for submissive males.

I will be online all this week except friday evening collecting my christmas presents from all my loyals and those begging for my attention in my emails.. some of those are hysterical LOL.... Keep trying Some of you.. Next!!!
Friday I'm going out to Party Like its the End of the World. with some of my closest Friends.
Guess who's paying for it ?? HA HA YOU!!!

My Phone is On as well... if you are lucky enough to catch me when its not saying BUSY!
Just keep trying...

I wonder who is going to try to out do the Top slaves this year in Spoiling Mistress....
So Far BankerBOI is winning... Try harder Boys..

winks... Your Sadistic Mistress,
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You can always find me in this chat room.

Monday, December 3, 2012

December That Month You Ruin Yourself for Me - Spoil Mistressmas Time Santa Piggy

  You Look like you Need to Be Totally Punished..
Filthy Pig!!

Hey Loser It's About TIME !!
  Where the fuck have you been?
   MISTRESS has had a blast since Thanksgiving.. Partying and Going OUT..
 The VIP Princess Lifestyle.
LOTS of new pictures and videos go to MY TWITTER to see all the Updates there. I tweet alot!!

The New Car is Fabulous completely Loving IT!! (SMILES)

We have been filling the Dungeon 9 Adult FinDom chatroom up Nightly.Come on In it's a Christmas Party!!! Lots of well known Mistresses have been coming in and getting on webcam and voice.
Has REALLY been lots of fun & sheer Entertainment to say the Least.

 Jeffonia I'm waiting to hear progress on Your Christmas Caroling Sissy ASSIGNMENT...
 Same places as I sent you Before... (Evil Laugh)

Snaps My Fingers for BeckaSlut.. tisk tisk whore.. You're for sure on the Naughty slave list this year.
Keep it up and you will be trying to squeeze lumps of coal our your stocking (Not Kidding).

Anthongy Mistress doesn't like her boots we got at the mall. I want another pair NOW!

Slut did you ever get your computer converted to english? (Rolls My Eyes)

Riverdancerbeefcakeballetsissy LOL umm slut That Task is due Now!! (Swishy Swishy).

Cracking the Whip tis Spoil Mistressmas time Bitches.. 

Lots of Webcam this Month and Phone. If you are Lucky (Ha HA)

Your Sexy NightMare Before XXXMAS,


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