Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year Training & Uncontrolable Devotion


Happy Holidays.... New Years Almost here.

Yet another Year to Worship Mistress Madison!!

I have decided to completely cut off a few people forever.. tis a shame but its for the best...

It's all about What Makes Me HAPPY!!

You thought you was special lol and you're just your typical waste of my time...
 Some of you did pretty well spoiling Me for Christmas
 others Not so good.. Beg for My forgiveness in my emails

You have So Fucked Up!!!

Still releasing new pictures of My PhotoShoot & uploading some new clips..
I like to keep you on the edge of your seat waiting.....
pleading ... begging.... until you're so weak you Surrender to my every command...

Going to see Clutch this weekend.. New pictures to Come.
Princess Vip Treatment of course! So Pampered & ADORED..

You do know Fleetwood Mac is in beginning of April for My Birthday & then Rock On the Range in May.
So you slaves can fight over who gets to handle some details of those Concerts for Mistress.. Beg for Chance to Please Me... Limos, Tickets, Tour Bus, Hotel, Shopping & Dining...
I want to do some realtime shopping sprees w/lunch and spa trip with a sissy or footslave once the snow has melted some.. yes we got lots of snow here in Ohio at the moment. It's so pretty outside But Mistress is staying in until this weekend and allowing you lucky submissive males to entertain Me and Spoil Me..

Lucky you...


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