Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gift Collecting VIP Princess Time - Very Merry Christmas Photo Shoot Peek

Wanna Lick them Don'tcha?

I have your attention Now ha ha

Well Isn't Mistress Generous... 

Mistress went on a nice Professional Photo Shoot last night and had a wonderful time.......
Took well over 200 pictures.... I consider them Gifts from MISTRESS... Don't you?

Christmas is a Mandatory Gift Giving time for submissive males.

I will be online all this week except friday evening collecting my christmas presents from all my loyals and those begging for my attention in my emails.. some of those are hysterical LOL.... Keep trying Some of you.. Next!!!
Friday I'm going out to Party Like its the End of the World. with some of my closest Friends.
Guess who's paying for it ?? HA HA YOU!!!

My Phone is On as well... if you are lucky enough to catch me when its not saying BUSY!
Just keep trying...

I wonder who is going to try to out do the Top slaves this year in Spoiling Mistress....
So Far BankerBOI is winning... Try harder Boys..

winks... Your Sadistic Mistress,
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