Thursday, May 26, 2011


I have been listening to all kinds of confessions lately..


so busy lately with alot of band stuff. they are becoming BIG QUICK!

ALSO added new things to my amazon wishlist get to shopping!

you can email me or pm I will be online alot on thursday all day and night.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Red Toes Teasery Weekend Devotion Mosh Pit Hot Mama

Hello sluts!

Mistress is doing foot cam right now, you can message me to see.


I want to see some serious slave devotion today and all thru the weekend! I go tomorrow night out to see my good friends band play and get my mosh pit on. you wont be able to contact me while im at the show. so tonight is your chance!

becka, anthongy, boi, jeffonya, and a couple of you sluts I haven't named yet better get to pleasing Me. When Mistress isn't happy someones balls are gonna roll.. Remember My Name is NOT theNiceLadyMadisonShow... ha ha Mean means Mean!!!

Nice pictures of you always straightens you up!

its Friday the 13th all the Freaks are out and about I see..

will be adding more after lunch.. check back

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

FORCED INTOX - Tuesday Night Fun

grab a bottle and message me!

you can highly amusing when intoxicated!

you can call me tonight on niteflirt

I will be on webcam as well tonight.

I'm totally loving greendot moneypaks.. keep em coming boi!

Friday, May 6, 2011


Hot Fetish Clothing

and all the kinks you love this weekend

on My Webcam

email me or message me

or just go to my NiteFlirt homepage

and call me on one of my webcam phone listings

be sure to read it before calling me and get my cam id's.

taking new pictures tonight as well

my make up and hair looks hot...

red nails mmmmmmm and matching toes and lips....

red hotness!

pale white skin.. dark hair


ITS FRIDAY which means you got your paycheck.. Mistress gets 1st dibs dont forget I come 1st!

I finally signed into myspace after quite some time and like WHOA tons of friends requests.

Sometimes I see that Im listed just about everywhere and sometimes forgets to check into all the different sites to make updates. yes I need a clone of myself for somethings, or find a good reliable sexertary sissy.

read the right side of my blog to find my email and other helpful topics, and instructions.

now taking applications for real time and online serving.

send a brief introduction to my email introducing yourself to Me.

include your age or I Will delete it without reading it.

Next weekend Im going out to a big concert some of my good friends are playing in so this is your best chance to serve or chat with ME.


Loser get to calling me tonight bitch your slacking!

Becka pm your Mistress ASAP

You to Lexy

Anthongy you as well..

Oh and btw a couple of you know it's monthly dues time...taps foot..yeah the one I'm about to use to Kick you in your ass with....

so sluts, grab your toys, clothing, webcam and wallet and I'll see ya on CAM!

Cheers bitches!

Sadistically Yours,


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Foot Fetish Sundae Social

Hello Sluts,

Mistress has been super busy having fun and seeing her real time loyals.
So you prolly been wondering where I have been. They say time makes the heart grow fonder. You online & phone slaves should be starving for My many special talents & sexy self.
I want to see some serious devotion.
I also want to see some things bought from my amazon wishlist. shoes and tops, dresses, etc. get busy !
I also have some openings this week to screen a couple new local slaves in the Columbus, Ohio area. Be sure to email me a Introduction email and expect to Complete My Application.
Otherwise you will have no chance in hell of meeting Me , let alone serving ME! I'm very picky whom I allow to serve Me. You will do whatever I command you to do, and don't ever forget that! I toetally loved this session from the pic with my local foot slave todd. was very cold but very amusing!

Sunday, May 1, 2011