Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Foot Fetish Sundae Social

Hello Sluts,

Mistress has been super busy having fun and seeing her real time loyals.
So you prolly been wondering where I have been. They say time makes the heart grow fonder. You online & phone slaves should be starving for My many special talents & sexy self.
I want to see some serious devotion.
I also want to see some things bought from my amazon wishlist. shoes and tops, dresses, etc. get busy !
I also have some openings this week to screen a couple new local slaves in the Columbus, Ohio area. Be sure to email me a Introduction email and expect to Complete My Application.
Otherwise you will have no chance in hell of meeting Me , let alone serving ME! I'm very picky whom I allow to serve Me. You will do whatever I command you to do, and don't ever forget that! I toetally loved this session from the pic with my local foot slave todd. was very cold but very amusing!

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