Saturday, September 28, 2013

Did you Miss Mistress or what? LOL

Mistress enjoyed her summer..
lots of concerts & sessions with good slaves.
Lots of pictures and videos.
 some of you might have seen a few, others need to beg. lol

 Loves that now is my FAVORITE time of year.
 Perfect for boots and leather.
Shopping for all new fall clothing for functions I will be attending.
I have received quite a few new applications to serve  Me.
 Met a few for proper screening.
 2 are really standing out from the rest.
 I look for QUALITY ...
Oh and by the way I took a big pair of scissors and cut several people OFF.
IN Other news .. lol
Planning some vacations to New Jersey, Michigan
And to Florida to see Ms Nessa.
Shopping sprees & Beach Time. Photo Shoots ..
My Hair is longer than ever... to my Perfect ass....
  Toned up some with lots of swimming and dancing my ass off
Totally refreshed. I hope you are ready to do everything I command you to do.
Dungeon 9 will be re-Opening  SOON
now that it's cooling off and people are getting back on the net inside.
Revamping of alot of things are currently in progress.
 Alot of old yahoo user room Dominas will be in there as well as devoted and eager submales.
Trying to make time to get a couple beautiful tattoos i want done before winter comes. Very Fem & Retro Pinup sexy .. Just what I love.
I have been online alot during the daytime throughout the week days m-f 9am-3pm and then 10 pm-4am. Screening after 3 pm until 7 pm. Weekends Most of the time unless napping or sleeping.
Enjoys the phone calls i get when Mistress is out and about shopping or sessioning from you. You love hearing what I'm Doing. Big Huge Black cocked Boyfriend has been here with me alot as well.
I have some nice videos and pictures of us together. I know how much you love him and his BBC.
New web cam which I'm totally loving,, Crystal clear.. WANNA SEE?
Email ME
Had some improvements done in the Dungeon.
 New Hard
Wood Flooring & Huge Spa Bath for You to wait on me hand and foot while I take a bubble bath.
 Keep watching my diary
 I will be making more updates this week.
Slowly releasing pictures ... slowly... Making you suffer.
Besides you surely are not worthy.
 How long has it been since you showed devotion?
Think about it ... Yeah it's time.
Hint! lol