Thursday, December 1, 2016

Frosty's a HO man - Tis The Season Yet Again - Holiday Classics

 It's the 1st of Dec & it's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!
Time to show total devotion and serve with everything inside you!!
All your worth,,, 
Making My Holidays Sparkle.
. Place your cash & gifts before My Feet..
They make you so weak...
 Loving the Holiday decoration you send Me ..
 They look so nice on My Tree.
I'M Accepting New Slaves for a variety of positions..
 (include age & reason you are contacting me)

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

2016 Hot Summer Time Servitude

  AHHHHH Hot Summer Time Fun Begins.. Hard Core Humiliation.. Wallet Draining... Dirty Bare Feet... Flip Flops... Toe Nail ART... Lots of Worship... Sissy Maid Training Camp ... Very Hot SKYPE sessions.. Real Time My Favorite as always.. Concerts... Shopping Sprees.. Traveling & Vacations.. Lots of exciting things are taking place Over the Summer.. Maybe you will get to enjoy watching Me ... Maybe you WON'T!
 I'm so loving the boho clothing and hair styles.. Releasing lots of new videos & pictures in Niteflirt.
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Email is the best way to contact me other than direct messages via twitter

I recently dismissed a local slave due to fact he tried to do what I call selective serving.. you know, only wants to do what he wants to do... when he wants to do it...
Yeah BYE BYE! not tolerating that ..
Never forget you can be replaced.. Many slaves would love to serve Me..
 Another little slave bitch is on the road to destruction as well.. He's under contract .. he will have to buy that out before I will release him.. but he recently got caught sluting and lying about being owned.. He was told on and Confessed.. still paying that hefty fine.. He found a lil insta to play with while i was at a barbQ over last weekend.. I think he picked a new "Domina" because others would have spotted him off the bat for being my Humiliation Junky.  I understand not her fault for being new ..but being rude when being told you played with a owned slave.. yeah not a good look..  Defensive Much? Geez ..
So I have some local openings available for potential Long term slaves. Already searching for another trampling rug & shoe shopping slave.. in Ohio..
You can also see pics and videos of me wearing nice gifts you get me off  my amazon wish list. 
I'm also revamping my website soon.. new slave shame pages coming.. so be sure to save it to your favorites. Email to ask who you can get on my slave shame pages,,,

Remember bitches... You're here to Serve My Every Desire & to be Used WELL!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me on Saturday!!!

Oh Yes Indeed! the Day to Worship My Birth! You are so Lucky! Such a Privilege to Exist the same Time as I. or to be in My Presence...o Yes.. to be serving Me.. You should feel very Honored Be able to Lavish & Adorn Me with Gifts & Devotion Making My Life so Wonderful.  Some slaves have began to send already, making sure they get to continue to some how exist in My World, Giving them Purpose and Full Filled knowing I am Pleased and Treated like the Legendary Queen that I am.. I enjoy spending your cash on whatever My heart desires.. or receiving a gift from you off one of my wish lists. You may email Me inquiring on how to Make Birthday Better than Any I've had thus far.. I will give you Instructions Depending on where you are located... Now Be a Good slave & Email

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Starting 2016 off on the Right Foot Fetish

Happy 2016 :) This is the year you totally go crazy showing devotion & pampering My Feet :)

I will be releasing lots of new videos of all kinds of fetishes this yr but hold true to my love of foot fetish for the most part :)  whether it's my favorite which is trampling.. or buying me shoes and providing means for the pedicures i enjoy getting. This is the yr I totally push you past your limits, setting new ones.. it's good to grow..

You will do whatever it takes to get my attention & Please Me.

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